Abrasives in Latin America

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Anéis Automotivos

Caso não Anéis I found some measures, orders made recently sob names may be assigned, in measures as agreed to desenho ou amostra ou two Anéis, we are manufacturer tout More...
- Mayor Pablo Lagerenza - Alto Paraguay - Paraguay


Wheels emery, discs polish and cut, sandpapers
Av. Coronel M. Vaquero 430 - Lima - Peru

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
Construction, conversion and repair of floating units. Services of industrial and naval inspection. Non-destructive inspection (it tints penetrating, magnetic particles and box of emptiness) ultrasound...

Engels Merkel & Cía Perú SAC

Abrasive discs of cut and wear away
Av. Naciones Unidas 1820 - Lima - Peru

Esteve y Cia. S.R.L.

Abrasives. Abrasive you graze. Abrasives scotch - BRITE. Circular brushes. Brushes of toot. Hot tails for carpenters. Galvanoplasty articles and products. Aluminum oxide. Cloth to polish metals. You graze to More...
Bahia Blanca 2235/9 - Capital Federal 1417 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Kinger Diamond Tools Factory Limited

Since established in 1998, we, kinger diamond tools factory limited have devoted ourselves to manufacturing and exporting diamond wheels, polishing wheels?grinding products, milling tools, glass drill bit and machinery accessories More...
- Mayor Pablo Lagerenza - Alto Paraguay - Paraguay

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina - GuiaTrabajo.com
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Diamond disks in América Latina
Online provider of diamond tools including diamond blades, grinding cups and core bits for the construction industry....

General building solution

Floor Cleaning
Cemi 435 Brisas de Monte Casino Toa Alta P. R. - Toa Alta - Puerto Rico

Hnos Rubino SRL

Pulp manufacture polishing brushes, pita, polishing cloths, abrasive termination of all types of surfaces, we advise on all types of terminations.
Luis Terragno 4241 Munro (1605) - Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil


Conical, straight glasses, iron sandpapers, water and in rolls
Jr. Ramón Cárcamo 564 - Lima - Peru

Plastic injection in América Latina
Recovery of raw materials for the plastics industry and process-recycle plastics industrial surplus-paid great prices, we sell our raw materials recovered - washed-grained and fine...

Geo Sueldas Ecuador

Nano- technology Ecuadorian metalworking industry .
Av. Francisco de Orellana 2355 - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Gusdaval S.A.

Manufactures diamond tools and cubic boron nitride for all industries
Tronador 1684 - B1704HEB - Ramos Mejia - Buenos Aires - Argentina - La Matanza - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina