Academies in Latin America

You are looking for the ideal for your son colony? you found it! we offer a variety of activities for your child! - outdoor games -.

Colonia Vacacional

You are looking for the ideal for your son colony? You found it! we offer a variety of activities for your child!
- Outdoor games
- Crafts
- Horse riding
- Learn how to train your dog
- Painting workshop and kitchen
- Classes first aid and survival
And much more! What are you waiting for
conctactanos, limited vacancies.
y del cebollar - Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador

Escuela de Gastronomia

Escuela de Gastronomia Culinary School of Ecuador

Every day, new students from different parts of Ecuador add to our gastronomic study.
She cooking school with 13 years of experience in the market, marking the national and international gastronomic excellence.

International cuisine - kitchen edge - kitchen assembly
- Kitchen Ecuadorian - Techniques restaurant - gastronomic culinary techniques, sanitation and food handling - ServSafe program, professional program application More...
Quito - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Private tuition in América Latina
Now Lagomar exam preparation classes and calculation 1 and 2 and probability and statistics, engineering, CCEE, chemistry, ucudaly ort. ...

Quality Books & Business

Bookselling mining, geology, metallurgy and environment. Also courses, programs Cds.
Raul Bravo Portocarrero 14 - Sector B alto Obrajes - La Paz - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Academia Talentus

Talentus is the best college and pre-college counseling. A1 We have a staff of experienced teachers in the best universities.
Av. Prolongación Primavera 2273 Monterrico -Surco - Lima - Peru

It is an academy technical education with experience of over 15 years. Office in Montevideo courses are taught in the rest of the Uruguayan territory.
Taught courses across the country for those who like trucks, backhoes, mills and many technical courses that have
- La Comercial - Montevideo - Uruguay

Pre-university academies in América Latina
Pre - university Academy of Lambayeque excelsis awarded the red and white ribbon with Peru the year award, publisher of Peru, for its high quality...

Escuelas de choferes en los Estados Unidos -
Clases teoricas practicas desde 1993 enseñando a conducir unidades 0km. En Canelones realmente te enseña, os a conducir....

Academia y Agencia Johanna Modelos

Academy model agency, forming patterns in the children's area, youth and adults to practice in the modeling industry.
Marcel Laniado 1315 e/ Guayas y Ayacucho. - Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Fragancias Passion

Expanding company needs staff with positive attitude willing to create their own business. It provides informative workshop
Jinotega, farmacia Castellón 2 cuadras al Oeste. - Jinotega - Nicaragua

Realce C.A.

Academy of aesthetics and styling
Centro Comercial Delicias Norte segunda etapa planta alta local 182 - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Englishouse -
Native american professor dictates classes of english, goes to companies and dictates to individuals, has much experience, obtains fluidity in short term with classes of...

Technological education in América Latina
Private Higher Technology Institute careers Cetcoi provides 3 years business administration and accounting ...

Programa LEA

Our speed-reading program is developed through personalized advice given by professionals in the area and active classes. All elements involved in learning are stimulated; to acquire the ability to be More...
Calle 27 de Mayo, de donde fue el cine cabrera 1/2 cuadra abajo, sobre la calle principal a mano derecha - Managua - Nicaragua

Centro de Estudios Parapsiquicos

Parapsychic center studies and alternative therapies
Joined: Ministry of Culture and National Education Law 13047, Decree 40471, No. 9347

Courses and careers and free tutorial and distance assistance:
Degree in parapsychology.
Expert in parapsychology More...
Mendoza 1731 - Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina