Acupuncture in Latin America

Traditional and modern acupuncture (without needles). Therapies: magnetopuntura, laserpuncture, electroacupuncture, auricular, herbal medicine .

Consulta de Medicina Holística - Acupuntura

Consulta de Medicina Holística - Acupuntura traditional and modern acupuncture (without needles). Therapies: magnetopuntura, laserpuncture, electroacupuncture, auricular, herbal medicine
Croacia 1265 - Punta Arenas - Magallanes - Chile

Medicina China: Acupunctura y Medicina Naturales

therapies and natural acupuncture herbology are made. Diagnostic for each person according to Chinese medicine to hit with points and better treatments to improve your health or apply preventive medicine are made. The effectiveness of acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO / WHO) according to scientific studies for many diseases and symptoms, though the acupuncture may cover More...
- Salinas - Santa Elena - Ecuador

Natural medicine in América Latina
Selling natural products and weight loss. ...

Fredy Pebe Heredia

Pasaje maria cabrejos 117. - Pueblo Libre - Lima - Peru

CETA Especialistas Terapeuticas Alternativas

The professional preparation of our specialists is supported by Ceta, in the care and treatment of diseases, especially chronic and degenerative diseases. If you're tired / a of conventional treatments More...
Calle 35 # 41-22 Barzal Alto - Villavicencio - Meta - Colombia

Acupuntura en Chiclayo Shenmai

Traditional Chinese Medicine




Vias healing hands

We serve:

All kinds of pain







Chiclayo - Chiclayo - Peru

Physical therapy in América Latina
A massage room for the attention of muscle injuries such as sprains, strains, bumps, relaxation massage, etc., craft work massage or do not use electrical...

Centre Mèdic Baoyang

It is a medical center where we use, in addition to conventional medicine, complementary medical techniques have proved effective.

Recently concluded:

- Traditional Chinese Medicine

- Acupuncture

- Moxibustion

- Electroacupuncture

Balmes 121, Principal 2ª
08008 Barcelona - Eixample - Barcelona - Spain

Yanin's Spa Centro Integral

We are a health and beauty therapies performed acupuncture for pain therapies, auriculotherapy, homeopathy, mesotherapy, massages, anti stress, reductive massages and more.
Av. Bella Vista, Urb. Bella Vista, Carrera 4, Manzana 27, Casa 12 - Maturín - Monagas - Venezuela

Consultorio de Medicina Integral

It takes care of a consultation free of charge to help to solve problems of health, chronic and resistant to the convencvional medicine.
Calle Victor velezmoro 633 - San Borja - Lima - Peru

Homeopatía en los Estados Unidos -
Médico homeópata estudiado en USA y especializado en tratamientos con célula regeneradora en universidad de Hong Kong....

Centro de Medicina Bioenergetica Ortega Salud

The bioenergetic medicine center ortega health has been an idea and desire, now thanks to many efforts and sacrifices come true.
Calle 37 No. 41 - 121 Frente a Secretaria de Salud - Villavicencio - Meta - Colombia

Hidroterapia de Colon

Natural treatments performed by qualified medical specialists in European Biological Medicine.
Avda. Juan Carlos I, nº 29, portal 5 - 2ºB - Estepona - Málaga - Spain