Agribusiness in Latin America

Our nutritional company this dedicated to the organic culture of medicinal plants, products and meliferas flowers. We have deposits of bees of special races and offered.

Abejas Monteflor Perú

Abejas Monteflor Perú Our nutritional company this dedicated to the organic culture of medicinal plants, products and meliferas flowers. We have deposits of bees of special races and offered to services of natural health through apiterap?a and Andean nutrition.
Av. Miguel Grau 2005 Urb. Bolognesi - Tacna - Peru
Rpte: Marcia Martinez Salamanca

Steam Control del Peru S.A.C.

Av. Naciones Unidas No 1278 Dpto. 101 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Mauro Huapaya M.

Agricultural products in América Latina
Production of disinfectants minerals (lime, hydrated lime) for use in poultry, swine, cattle farms and more. ...

Food industry in América Latina
Additives for the refrigerating industry...

Equipos Avícolas en Santo Domingo (Avi-world)

Equipos Avícolas en Santo Domingo (Avi-world)  
Av. Abraham Calazacon y Sao Paulo a 150 metros del redondel 20 de Octubre. - Abraham Calazacón - Santo Domingo - Ecuador


Company dedicated to aseaoramiento and marketing of agricultural and livestock category. We veterinary products, grass seed, minerals, seeds, sorghum, soybeans and corn, also we feeders polyethylene.
Av. Alemana entre 5to y 6to anillo - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Servicios Técnicos Nes

Factory agribusiness equipment, incubators for birds, turtles, reptiles, etc.
We manufacture; hatcheries, breeders, lifters, cages posture, crossing and transport. Mills, ovens, dehumidifiers, humedecedodes, irrigation and spraying systems. Seeders, combines, extrusion lines, More...
Calle Urdaneta entre Avenidas Bolívar y Fernández Peña, Casa N° 7 Sector Montalbán Ejido Estado Mérida - Campo Elías - Mérida - Venezuela

Products for agriculture in América Latina
Manufacture agricultural carts, caixa d "water of 500 liters to 20 million liters, water reservoir of combustível ou apoiado for plants and condominiums. ...

International trade in América Latina
We provide business advice and trade. constitution of companies in Colombia, consultations on export and import formalities before the dian, MinComercio, INVIMA ica, sic of...


TRADING in international trade
- Suances - Cantabria - Spain

Fundiciones Toro Ramírez S.A.

Manufacture and sale of pulleys for banana tree, flowers and African palm. Accessories for cable via. Smelting of gray iron, aluminum and bronze.
Carrera 115A No. 39FF - 07 - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia


Famaic SAC is dedicated to the manufacture of all industrial stainless steel machines for the food industry, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals and others.
Av. Huaylas Mz K Lote 13 Chorrillos - Lima - Peru

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Seeds in América Latina
We Marandu grass seeds, MG5, Piata, humidicola decumbens, Tanzania, Gatton panic, Mombaza, Aruana, Masai. Seeds of forage sorghum, silero, dual purpose and grain sorghum, are...

Semillas del Campo S.A.

Import and marketing of dried pork skin snack industry, seed producers and trading of cereals and legumes.
Carrera 53D No. 128A-64 - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

Manguitos San Lorenzo SRL

Handle producers Kent, Kiett and Ataulfo
Jr Cuzco Nº 579 - Tambo Grande - Piura - Peru