Agribusiness in Latin America

Our nutritional company this dedicated to the organic culture of medicinal plants, products and meliferas flowers. We have deposits of bees of special races and offered.

Abejas Monteflor Perú

Abejas Monteflor Perú Our nutritional company this dedicated to the organic culture of medicinal plants, products and meliferas flowers. We have deposits of bees of special races and offered to services of natural health through apiterap?a and Andean nutrition.
Av. Miguel Grau 2005 Urb. Bolognesi - Tacna - Peru
Rpte: Marcia Martinez Salamanca

Steam Control del Peru S.A.C.

Av. Naciones Unidas No 1278 Dpto. 101 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Mauro Huapaya M.

Agricultural products in América Latina
The enpresa is dedicated to the export of: - Fresh agricultural products - Dry goods like grains - Grocery products well...

Equipos Avícolas en Santo Domingo (Avi-world)

Equipos Avícolas en Santo Domingo (Avi-world) AVI-WORLD, specializes in manufacturing equipment for poultry, swine and dairy cattle. We are leaders of teams in Ecuador and operates throughout the country and internationally.

poultry equipment in Santo Domingo.
poultry equipment in Ecuador.
Design and construction of tunnel type controlled environment sheds.
Poultry automation system.
Construction projects for poultry farming in general.
Av. Abraham Calazacon y Sao Paulo a 150 metros del redondel 20 de Octubre. - Abraham Calazacón - Santo Domingo - Ecuador

Fundiciones Toro Ramírez S.A.

Manufacture and sale of pulleys for banana tree, flowers and African palm. Accessories for cable via. Smelting of gray iron, aluminum and bronze.
Carrera 115A No. 39FF - 07 - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia

Honduras Internacional Merchandising.

- International Fairs.

- National Fairs.

- Export.

- Import.

- Certified Organic.
Residencial Palmira Calle republica de panama - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Food industry in América Latina
Manufacturer, importer and distributor of raw materials for integrated bakeries, coffee shops, pubs and supermarkets....

Agroindustrias ACAUAN SRL

Asai Produtora palmetto (Jussara) cans canned 500gr and 220gr em.
- Cedro - Ceará - Brazil

Berofer Rotomoldagem Ltd

We manufacture plastic parts by rotational molding process, plastic pallets, refrigerators, plastic containers, water tanks, agricultural parts and mold growth in any area.
- Campo Mourão - Paraná - Brazil

Mased Representaciones SAC

We concern and we sell equipment and consumptions for veterinary laboratory, insemination, transfer of embryo, hidrobiology, environment and monitoring of ground and climate.
Av. Arequipa 340, of. 402 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Arturo Santos

Productos para agricultura en los Estados Unidos -
Somos ena empresa dedicada a la comercializacion de pesticidas y productos para la agricultura. Busco empresas, fabricas de todo el mundo de agroquimicos para comercializar...

International trade in América Latina
Solutions of international trade: clients, drawback, return of igv, international logistics, costeos...

Impecuarios Implementos Ganaderos

A trading company created to promote the improvement of agricultural and livestock industry by offering products for the improvement of their livestock.

We comply with the order through the marketing of More...
Calle 134B No. 11A-11
Bogotá - Colombia - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

D'la Huerta-Aromáticas

Producer of dried fruits instant aromatic (strawberry, blackberry, apple, and Cidrón) sweetened with brown sugar and sugar sachets presentation, without preservatives or colorings.
Vereda El Choche - Guavio - Cundinamarca - Colombia