Agribusiness in Latin America

Our nutritional company this dedicated to the organic culture of medicinal plants, products and meliferas flowers. We have deposits of bees of special races and offered.

Steam Control del Peru S.A.C.

Av. Naciones Unidas No 1278 Dpto. 101 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Mauro Huapaya M.

Abejas Monteflor Perú

Abejas Monteflor Perú Our nutritional company this dedicated to the organic culture of medicinal plants, products and meliferas flowers. We have deposits of bees of special races and offered to services of natural health through apiterap?a and Andean nutrition.
Av. Miguel Grau 2005 Urb. Bolognesi - Tacna - Peru
Rpte: Marcia Martinez Salamanca

Productos agrícolas en los Estados Unidos -
Empresa dedicada a la siembra y comercialización de productos vegetales (lechugas -americanas, rojas, romanas-, cebollín, culantro, perejil, apio, albahaca, elotes amarillos, espinaca, etc.)....

Granja Cotornicultora

I produce quail egg, if you are interested in purchasing this product, please call.
Chicoral Tolima - Ibagué - Tolima - Colombia

Ecuatoriana de Agroproduccion Ecuagropsm S.A.

An Ecuadorian company to offer agricultural producer products for all types of crops such as bananas. cocoa. corn, rice etc.
Foleares sell fertilizers and soil urea, potassium nitrate DAP, Humus, etc.
Covers high and low density
Bands, ribbons, daipas, fungicides, scarves, cravats, herbicides, nematicides, insecticides.
Sucre y Napoleon Mera - Machala - El Oro - Ecuador


Company dedicated to aseaoramiento and marketing of agricultural and livestock category. We veterinary products, grass seed, minerals, seeds, sorghum, soybeans and corn, also we feeders polyethylene.
Av. Alemana entre 5to y 6to anillo - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Food industry in América Latina
We are one makes dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the nutritional industry, bakeries, fast fod, restaurats, hotels, ice-cream shops....

Products for agriculture in América Latina
Marketer and distributor of flexible packaging in its diverse variety. Burlap sacks and polypropylene fabrics for agribusiness, mining, construction and trade. We have rice,...

S & S Agrimensura Global

- Demarcation
- Sanitation
- Sub-division
- Recasting
- Rectification Area
- Stakeout
- Urbanization
Cotui, Sanchez Ramirez - Cotuí - Sánchez Ramírez - Dominican Republic

Agro-exportadora-Mas Vida

Important business-agro-exporting tropical products. expanding to increase its organic banana crop, up to 2000 hectares.
Ciudadela Bellavista N° 136 - La Victoria - Amazonas - Colombia

Plasticos Nazca S.A.C

We manufacture garbage bags, nurseries, bolts, mining, irrigation sleeves, sleeveless number with and without printing, extrusion services, pelletizing and printing.
Jr. Ancahs Mz F Lt 4 - Puente Piedra - Lima - Peru

International trade in América Latina
Foreign trade company - import and export. ...

Seeds in América Latina
We are a company of tree seeds, agricultural, medicinal and ornamental plants, so it provides production of seedlings to order installation of agricultural and forest...

Compañia de Tierras Sud Argentino S.A.

Esmeralda 684, piso 14º - Capital Federal C1007ABF - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Riego y Soluciones E.I.R.L.

Installation of agricultural irrigation technology.
Sales and supply of equipment and accessories for irrigation technology.
Sales of:
PVC pipes
Manual and automatic filters
Irrigation hoses
Irrigation tapes
hydraulic valves
Ball valves
HDPE pipes
And much more..
Don Alberto-IRRIG. Sta. Rosa
Sayan - Huaura - Barranca - Huacho (centro) - Lima - Peru