Agricultural products in Latin America

Distributors molasses, fish meal, fish oil. Soybean meal.

Deysa Distribuidora

Distributors molasses, fish meal, fish oil. Soybean meal.
Circuito Maria Guadalupe, No 6913-13 Privada Estancia N 5.
Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico. C.P 80143. - Culiacán - Sinaloa - Mexico

REPSA Guatemala

REPSA Guatemala Reforestadora Palmas del Petén S.A. (REPSA), is a Guatemalan company, a pioneer in palm cultivation in the country and the Central American region and leader in innovation d crop and responsible palm oil processing.

REPSA was created in 1999 and since its inception the operation has been guided by principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability .. The cultivation of oil More...
4 avenida 8-93 zona 9 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Food industry in América Latina
Adherezos, salsas, , producción...

Agribusiness in América Latina
Maintenance, design and stainless steel construction. ...

Jarabe de Maiz - Almidon de Maiz – Glucovil

Jarabe de Maiz - Almidon de Maiz – Glucovil Syrups produced from corn. Composed of dextrose, maltose and polysaccharides, in varying proportions depending on the degree of conversion, grant their sweetness, texture and technological features products according to the application. Starch extracted from corn kernels by wet milling process
Sarmiento 459 5º Piso - San Nicolás - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Fernando Oporto Lazo

Individual company dedicated to trade in honey and its derivatives, in addition to providing the service of pollinating fruit and trade in clothing and equipment for the production of honey and derivatives
Urbanización Aurora H-2A. Cercado - Arequipa - Peru

Fernando montano bustamante

Buy pollen blood copaiba oil inchi sacha grade Propolis and more chia seed
Indoamerica 148 Independencia - Lima - Peru

Products for agriculture in América Latina
Commercial lines: SEEDS Products I. seeds: grasses for temperate to cold weather and warm weather, Rye grass Italian, English, hybrid, perennial, Brachiarias SPP, among others. ...

Venta de Moringa Oleifera

Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Claudia Lopez Maniguari

Calle El Cedro Nº 72 Barrio 11 de Octubre Km. 2 Cobija - Pando - Bolivia - Nicolas Suarez - Pando - Bolivia


We are dealers selling Agribrands Purina animal feed, pet, medicine, equipment for poultry farms as feeders and waterers, incubators, etc..
5a. av. 6-45 z.9 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Fertilizers in América Latina
Sulphates of Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Acids, etc....


Sale of scales, scales, cash registers, point of sale, livestock, heavy purses Danilop people.
Calle 19 # 15-26 - Los Mártires - Bogotá - Colombia

Negociacion Agricola Tierra SAC

Organic fertilizers.
santa elena, c-5. - Ica - Peru