Agricultural products in Latin America

Company located in the heart of colombia. producer and marketer of organic fertilizers. humus solid californian worm. humus liquid earthworms california. compost from the.

Aborgan del Café

Company located in the heart of Colombia.
Producer and marketer of organic fertilizers.
Humus solid Californian worm.
Humus liquid earthworms California.
Compost from the rumen of cattle.
Flours rock.
Kilometro 01 vía Armenia Calarcá sector La Maria. - Quindío - Colombia


Export of grains, cereals such as lentils, peas, beans, flax, canary seed, peas and beans from canada for everyone.
- 23 de enero - Caracas - Venezuela

Fido Construtora -
Manufacture agricultural carts, caixa d "water of 500 liters to 20 million liters, water reservoir of combustível ou apoiado for plants and condominiums. ...

Empresa Agroindustrial la Selva

Selvage national quality To 1, white sesame, clean one, by minor to bakeries, prices to try.
Av. Manco Capac 133 - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Distribuidora Oficial "Singani San Pedro de Oro"

The company San Pedro, has a centuries-old tradition in the production of drinks based on grapes of the highest quality, certified to origin and with all health checks, ensuring the More...
C/ Trinidad y Tobago 103 - Oropeza - Chuquisaca - Bolivia

Yvichmac Company

Dedicated company wing natural, organic product sale, proveendo of consumptions to the nourishing companies and the propagation of the Peruvian culture by means of its natural and artisan products
Mz B Lote 4 ex Fdo Asesor - Santa Anita - Lima - Peru

Agribusiness in América Latina
- Sales of farm implements. - Manufacture of home kit. - Sales of pool chemicals. - Manufacture of metallurgical general. ...

Bonsais Pamkarapampa

Maintenance, change pots, earth changes, wiring, pinching, pruning, nursery.
Calle virrey toledo 180 - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Impecuarios Implementos Ganaderos

A trading company created to promote the improvement of agricultural and livestock industry by offering products for the improvement of their livestock.

We comply with the order through the marketing of More...
Calle 134B No. 11A-11
Bogotá - Colombia - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

Direccion Regional Sectoria Agricultura Ucayali

Jiron Jose Galvez 287 Pucallpa - Region Ucayali - Callería - Pucallpa - Peru

Food industry in América Latina
We are one makes dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the nutritional industry, bakeries, fast fod, restaurats, hotels, ice-cream shops....

Fertilizers in América Latina
Organic fertilizers....

Bombas SRL

Water pumps.
Cerro largo 1335 - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Tool Depot

Installation of irrigation systems and accessories.
Av. Salvador Nava Martinez No. 3229 - San Luis Potosí - Mexico