Art galleries in Latin America

Service marquetry decoration for home and business. Enmarcaciones large format artistic marquetry: paintings, drawings, posters and posters, photography, mosaics, diplomas and certificates, maps, puzzles, old lithographic.

Marqueteria Arte & Marko

Service marquetry decoration for home and business. enmarcaciones large format artistic marquetry: paintings, drawings, posters and posters, photography, mosaics, diplomas and certificates, maps, puzzles, old lithographic prints, Gobelins and embroidered framed mirrors, altarpieces etc. We also have extensive experience in restoring antique and contemporary pieces of wooden furniture, wooden boxes, urns and antique frames, boxes, gifts.
cra 97A N 48A-88 - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia


To own " Galache" its collection stands out. Site of the Mexican painter rene galache that paints at night and leaves a drop of its DNA in each of its More...
Dom conocido.
Chihuahua, Chih.
Rpte: Rene galache V.

Artistas en los Estados Unidos -
Sankistas pinta carita sky dancer Palomitas de maíz algodón de azúcar show de magia eventos empresariales payasos animadores y fiestas infantiles....


Factory sculptures and decorative contemporary historical personages, in various materials, and formats for internal parks and plazas, on request.
- Panamá - Panama

Artes de Tipitapa Nicaragua

Arts Tipitapa provides all kinds of works of abstract art. Figurative. bexpresionismo and impressionism. Oil and acrylics. High quality works.
- Tipitapa - Managua - Nicaragua

Marqueteria / Taller de Enmarcacion

Service framing artwork, diplomas, posters, prints, photographs, etc.
Cra. 15 N. 45-21 en bogota - Teusaquillo - Bogotá - Colombia
Rpte: Jorge Paez L.

Graphic arts in América Latina
We are a permanent tattoos and piercings, accessories and mystic oils. ...

Antiques in América Latina
Auction house, receipt of goods for auction. Month- Auctions ...

Mundo Piercing Quibdó® Tattoo Studio

Local body modification (tattoos, piercings and expansions)
use new and sterile needles, new gloves, natural pigments, jewelry surgical / niobium steel and titanium anesthesia.
Diana Pantoja: body piercers - Cristiam Velasquez: tattooist

100% More...
Calle 27 con Calle# 3-59 Quibdó - Chocó - Colombia - Chocó - Colombia

Arte Europeo

European art is a European antiques shop, ie recently brought from Europe, we do not have local products or purchased in the local market.
and pleasure of customers, our shop is More...
Jr. Orbegoso 266 Centro Civico. - Trujillo - Peru

Con maq EIRL

Manufacture of flexible silicone molds request
you can imagine, we performed
- Artistic bronze foundry lost wax (melting pot of 30 kg.).
- Master molds for ceramic art (with many Taselaar).
- Advertising figures More...
Jr. Los Joyeros F-6 - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Educational material in América Latina
Come since 1996 working in the education category, with more than 140 models developed with excellent educational games, which include various teaching methods, such as...

Cristian Castro

Factory All Types of Easels Arts
Manufacture easels and table lamps, a variety of models have over 15 years of experience, personalized attention.
Jr. Las Marticarias N° 761 Cooperativa de Vivienda Las Flores San Juan de Lurigancho. A 03 Cuadras de la Cuadra 12 de la Av. Las Flores. - Lima - Peru


Jafeth Cauca painter widely recognized internationally, his works shows key social, ethnic and cultural ties with a particular style.
Kra 2. 2-38 - Popayán - Cauca - Colombia