Bakery equipment and machinery in Latin America

We are manufacturers of all type of steel furniture inox for restaurants pollerias concecionarias warehouses hotels bakeries etc. Equipment of refrigeration generally you nececita for its.

Refri-maq del Peru SAC ( Innova )

Planta: Av. emancipacion 984 2do piso PLAZA UNION cercado de lima

av. gran chimu 1820 la victoria chiclayo - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Santos Ramirez Ilatoma

Maquinas Panificadoras Edverson

Wing manufacture of bakery machines. 2 rotary kilns amazadoras sobadoras forming speed blenders bread
Urbanizacion Recreo calle 5 numero 640 plan 3000 Santa Cruz Bolivia - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Food industry machinery in América Latina
Company dedicated to the manufacture, importation, sale and maintenance of machinery for packaging, according to current market demands and our customers as well as additional...

Industrial furnaces in América Latina
The company I form just a short time, but we have much experience we realised: service of winch, sepillo, milling machine electrical soladadura mic mac,...

QBO Contratistas S.A.C.

Company dedicated to the elaboration of projects for commercial and industrial laundries and kitchens. We design and manufacture or import the equipment. We install, maintain and offer post-sales service with More...
Av. Santiago de Surco 3409 - Urb. Chama - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Marcas europeas y americanas

C.R. Maelssa

calle 52a sur # 2981 - Soacha - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Inox Industrial

We are one makes dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the nutritional industry, bakeries, fast fod, restaurats, hotels, ice-cream shops.
av. celso rodriguez mz d 13 y evangelino calero - Riobamba - Chimborazo - Ecuador

Ice cream: equipment in América Latina
Commerce in machine new used tools and, import and export...

Eventos Bahia Blanca ( banqueteria carpas stand ) -
White Bay Events, we are the most comprehensive in the south, catering, rental of tents awnings, paneling Stand leasing center. ...

Equipos Gastronomicos

Hospitality Equipment is a company with over 45 years dedicated to the sale and manufacturing industrial dining facilities .
Av. Italia 2586 - Tres Cruces - Montevideo - Uruguay

Cintas Transportadoras Pajon

Design, manufacture, assembly and repair of merchandise automated conveyor systems, conveyor roller chain or a belt, elevators descenders of merchandise, packaging, shipping boxes, accumulating machines, bottling.
Calle 109 Nº 5257 - Villa Ballester - General San Martín - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rpte: Claudio Bray

Tecnologia panificadora S.A.C.

Company dedicated to the manufacture of rotating furnaces and all machinery for bakeries
Calle Argel Nº121 Urb. Los Portales de Javier Prado II Etapa - Ate - Lima - Peru

Bakery supplies in América Latina
Selvage national quality To 1, white sesame, clean one, by minor to bakeries, prices to try....

Emaga S.A.C

Exhibidores of cakes. cooled exhibidores.
Av.los Próceres Mz. G lote 6 - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Finamac Arpifrio Eng. Ind. Máquinas Ltda.

Manufacturer of machines for ice cream, popsicles and chocolate.
Our products are developed with the most modern digital technology 3D, since its conception until its manufacture. We serve the most demanding More...
Av. Áurea, 514 - Santo André - São Paulo - Brazil