Blinds in Latin America

We are a company dedicated to interior decoration and coating windows, production of blinds, curtains, rollers, blinds and overall service.

Persianas Pavan

En la entrada de la Ciudad de La Paloma, al lado de Escribania Gaona - Canindeyú - Paraguay

Cortinas Cabildo

Nicaragua 5728 Palermo - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Curtains in América Latina
Cortydeco (curtains and decoration.) We are a company with long experience in the field of decoration. Our customers recommend us. The vision and...

Carpets in América Latina
Top general cleaning services , the company in charge of lafombras limpeza , tapizones , furniture, mattresses, for homes, offices and / e companies . ...

Mariam Collection E.I.R.L

We are a company dedicated to interior decoration and coating windows, production of blinds, curtains, rollers, blinds and overall service.
Av. Jose Leal 232, Lince - Lima - Peru - Lima - Peru

Alfombras Bonilar EIRL

We wash to carpets of wall wall and center.
National and Imported carpets.
Blinds, Estores, Curtains, etc.
Calle Eleutheria Mz F Lote 24. Urb. Los Cedros de Villa - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru

Decoraciones Maxs

Sale and installation of curtains, roller shades, shutters, blinds, carpets, tapizones, folding doors, covers for furniture.
calle: Maria elena moyano 120 surco altura 43 - 44 aviacion. - Surco - Lima - Peru
Rpte: jorge pedraza

Decoration and decorators in América Latina
- Maintenance-Construction-Remodeling Shopping. - Buildings, Houses, Shops and Offices. - Service: Part-time work days and generally all matters relating to construction. ...

Alfombras Santa Cecilia S.A.C.

We make carpets in dralon combed, wool shag, of wall wall and vertical centers, curtains, blinds, we commercialized imported carpets, tapizon etc. (sevicio of washing of carpets, curtains, blinds etc.) More...
Calle 07 Mz "D" No. 115 Urb. Carabayllo km.8.5 av. Tupac Amaru - Comas - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Francisco Villarrreal Gamboa

DE Decor

Curtains, blinds, blinds, rollers, carpet, folding doors, shower doors, Manpa, glass, furniture and upholstery linings, home interior items and general offices.
Av Jose Leal 161 Lince / sector 3 grupo 23 manzana D lote 23 (frente al parque industrial de Villa el Salvador) - Callao - Lima - Peru
Rpte: David Caceres Solis y Evelyn Alvarado Mora


Dedicated to hang decoration of houses and offices in their lines of curtains and blinds Roman blinds remote classical decorative line and product line with ten years warranty imported from More...
- Florencia - Caquetá - Colombia

Construction finishes in América Latina
Consulting and selling floating floors and installation . ...

Decor Interiores HM

Our experience allows to offer him to products of the highest quality and durability us. we know its needs and their pleasures. It is a company leader in the sector More...
Av. Pedro Tejada # 280 2do Piso Alt. 2-3 Av. El Triunfo
3 Paralelas a Espalda de La Comisaria de VMT - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Cortinas Ambato Cia Ltda

We manufacture curtains and decorations - blinds - Roman and zebras - carpet - floating floor - reasonable sky
Av. Atahualpa 471 Quis Quis (frente a la malla del patrón Bolívar Sur) - Ambato - Tungurahua - Ecuador