Brooms and brushes in Latin America

Brushes for polished washing and of fruits, tanneries, etc.

ELA Escobillas Industriales

Brushes For Polished Washing and of Fruits, Tanneries, etc.
Jr. Yauyos 556 - Comas - Lima - Peru

Ingeser Peru

Consulting, design, manufacture and maintenance of industrial brushes, brush specialists and large industrial brushes, sweeping cars for employees in the mining industry of all brands, brushes tractors and / or More...
Jr. Tungasuca 153 Independencia - Lima - Peru

Cleaning products in América Latina
We supply general cleaning items, personal protection items of continuous use and disposal, packaging items....

Escobas y Cepillos Puma

Manufactures brooms and brushes for the home and com industry over 50 years in the market we ffibra wooden broom to 2, 083 unit and plastic brooms of 90 holes More...
argentina 4707 entre la 24 y 25 ava guayaquil ecuador - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Productos de Limpieza - Articulos de Limpieza

Manufacturers and distributors of: Products of cleaning, industrial, reliable articles of cleaning, products, dissolvent industrialists, waxes, polishers, perfumadores, disinfectants, launderers, cleaners, multipurpose, desengrasantes, insecticide, antipolillas, silicones, detergents, softeners, spot remover, More...
Lima - Peru - San Miguel - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Lilio Ricse

Inducero Ltda.

Inducero Cia Ltda. We offer cleaning articles for domestic or industrial use.
Our presence in the market for over 40 years, makes our products are recognized nationally, synonymous with durability and More...
Fábrica: Argentina 4707 y Domingo Norero (24 ava) - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Industrial cleaning in América Latina
Cleaning and Maintenance, homes, businesses, shops, doctors' offices, public offices. Cleaning glass. ...

Timber in América Latina
We are wood suppliers of cypress and pine for the foreigner....

Maderas e Industria Ana Luisa

We produce the best wood bats in tropical Colombia. In the dimensions that the customer needs.
- Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Luvadi Enterprises E.I.R.L

Company dedicated to the manufacture and repair of all types of industrial brushes in the material and your business needs require.

Straw brooms yellow piazza, nylon, trapedores.
asoc. vivienda bellas artes campoy
mz ñ5a lt. 8 - s.j.l. - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Francisco Salzano S.A.I.C.i.a.

Factory of brushes and you sweep, production
Gral. Manuel Dorrego 1771 - Avellaneda B1873APC - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Packaging in América Latina
Company dedicated to the product commercialization and machinery for the packing like: plastic band, metallic iron strap, plastic esquineros and of cardboard, tapes printed with...

Plastic injection in América Latina
Plastics recycling ...

JC Productos de Limpieza

A company dedicated to the elaboration of limpiezaalcon items wholesale and retail sales for houses, businesses, local hospitals, universities, colleges, hotels, casinos, and other local receccion.
- San Miguel - Lima - Peru

Abaco Escobillas Industriales

Manufacture and repair of brushes for all generally textile type of industry, kettles agro-industry, mills etc. works in 24 hours.
Jr. Tahuantinsuyo, 244 Urb. Zarate - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: josue acaro linari