Cardboard boxes in Latin America

We manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes and the corners of pallets, we dispatched all over peru.

Luis Meléndez Moreno

We manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes and the corners of pallets, we dispatched all over Peru.
- Ate - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Luis Melendez

Cartón y Estiba S.A.S

Our company is characterized by using high quality recycled plastic (polyethylene and polypropylene), where we seek to replace wood and help the environment.

Our products have a duration of approximately 150 More...
Avda. Quebradaseca 14-44 Bucaramanga - Colombia - Santander - Colombia

Packaging in América Latina
Company dedicated to the product commercialization and machinery for the packing like: plastic band, metallic iron strap, plastic esquineros and of cardboard, tapes printed with...

Paper industry in América Latina
Paper for copier and laser printers - offset printing - inkjet - High whiteness - Letter size / 21.6 * 27.9 cm /...

Cartocan S.R.L.

Cardboard boxes. Indented cardboard boxes. Sticky polypropylene tapes polyester p.v.c. Industrial packing. Packing articles. Cardboard packages.
La Rioja 1642 - Avellaneda 1870 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Ranieri Import S.R.L.

Agricultural and industrial machines and respuestos.
Repair of partial and total motors, reconstruction of bearing system and tool of cuts, presentivo maintenance service (SMP), sale of original respuestos for heavy machinery, More...
Vía de Evitamiento - Km. 564
Urb. San Andrés - 5ta Etapa (Costado Policía Canina) - Trujillo - Peru

Galvic Impresores

Specialized graphic industry in the manufacture of labels, boxes and bags.
Av Ruben Dario No 140 Urb Santa Raquel 3era Etapa - Ate - Lima - Peru

Packages in América Latina
Bags of paper. Threads of paper. Threads generally. Threads to sew bags. Threads for workings. Paper imagination. Napkins and table cloths of paper....

Printing industry in América Latina
Silkscreen, lithography and assembly work. ...

Alfa Cajas de carton

We are a company with 21 years experience in the market, made all
box type. We address their emergency with speed, efficiency and quality.

We manufacture, according to the measurements you need, More...
calle bio bio 471 - Santiago - Chile


Cintas adhesivas para embalaje impresas con su logo, direccion, pagina web, faja de seguridad, etc. Cajas de carton. Film streech. Hilos. Articulos de embalaje y libreria comercial
Pasaje Hungria 925-Capital - Villa Luro C1419GMD - Buenos Aires - Argentina

The Box

They receive our warm greetings, we we are a company, that we dedicated ourselves to the manufacture of cases, boxes, velveteen bags, tocuyo, jute, etc.; boxes for plater?a, chocolates, adornments, More...
La Calera - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Roberto Iparraguirre

Jewelers in América Latina
Purchase and repair of all kinds of jewelry in gold and silver rings manufacture of graduation from pre-primary to middle level, 15 weddings and more. ...

Cartones "La Imagen de su Producto"

Our specialty is made of corrugated cardboard used as packaging solutions that provide security, ease of use and complement the good image of any product. We offer sheets and boxes More...
Av. Juan Tanca Marengo - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Productos de Carton S.R.L.

We make indented cardboard for packing and cardboard boxes of all type and measurement.
Husares de Junin 522, Barbadillo - Ate - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Luis Melendez Moreno