Cebicherias in Latin America

Typical, dishes of marinated raw fish and exquisite sweated plate preparation to the monsefuano style.

Restaurant Turistico El Tiburon

Typical, dishes of marinated raw fish and exquisite sweated plate preparation to the Monsefuano style.
Misericordia 922 - Monsefu - Chiclayo - Peru

Cevicheria Lidia y Hnas

It is located on the shore alongside the fishing pier that offer their fresh produce 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon, visit Resume not regret it.
- Ancón - Lima - Peru

Seafood restaurants in América Latina
Specialist pussies, seafood ...


D`Resak cevicheria opens it's doors to everybody who like the best in seafood.

In seafood, we offer three lovely words: tasty, nice and inexpensive.
Av. Victor Andres Belaunde # 181 Urbanizacion Piura - Piura - Peru

Caldo de Gallina a Delivery

We are a restaurant where we give our marine products disposal: fish cracklings, rice with seafood, fish and mixed ceviche, grilled chicken, fried rice and rich chicken broth
Urb. Laderas del Norte MZ.U LT.6 - Chimbote, a dos cuadras del Seguro Principal de Essalud. - Chimbote - Peru

Cevicheria El Pulpo

3 calle 4-74 z.1 - Villa Nueva - Guatemala - Guatemala

Restaurants in América Latina
Our pioneering restaurant in Lima offers the secrets and delights of Indian and Pakistani Cuisine, let us send you on an adventure filled with flavors...

South American restaurants in América Latina
Offers its customers exquisite food worthy as the stick pig, lamb, duck and guinea pig to the pole, local food, and variety of seafood, we...

El Poseidon

Av. Peru #1515 - Casma - Chimbote - Peru

Choza Nautica Los Olivos

20 years experience, 180 plates, lunch show weekends with our exclusive artists.
Av. Carlos Izaguirre 1430(Cruce con av. universitaria) - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru


Only restaurant in the country of steaming, which uses no oil, butter or fat, either domestic gas use, ie without any flame, without smoke or soot, also prepares the eyes More...
Republica del Salvador N26-30 y Suecia (Junto al Ministerio de Salud) - Rumiñahui - Pichincha - Ecuador

Pubs in América Latina
Bar and restaurant ...

Taverns in América Latina

Restaurant Señor Pescao

Specialized in fish and shellfish.
Av. La Mar 623 Pueblo Libre Espalda de la Municipalidad (entre la av. sucre y la av. brasil) - Lima - Peru

Cebicheria Huanchaquito

Specialty in fish and seafood and plates to the letter and in the afternoons the lonchecitos with its anticuchos and calientitos in its variety and also can enjoy his karaoke.
Av. Huancavelica 664 - Huancayo - Peru