Cylinders in Latin America

Industrial and medicinal gas distributor and importer, equipment of oxicorte and oxygen therapy, welds and cylinders of i oxygenate and gases of high pressure and acetylene.

Tecxom srl

Industrial and medicinal gas distributor and importer, equipment of oxicorte and oxygen therapy, welds and cylinders of I oxygenate and gases of high pressure and acetylene.
Av. Nicolas Ayllon # 3398 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Perez Felix Alberto

Hydraulic and tyre cylinders. Hydraulics central equipment and systems. Burnished tubes.
La Rioja 2168 - Avellaneda 1870 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Gas: equipment and supplies in América Latina
Sale and repair of welding equipment, oxygen and acetylene for sale , nitrogen regulators and co2. ...

R.M.A. Ingenieros

Equipment of aliniamiento. Large stone benches of traccionamiento. Cabins painting Furnaces. Tyre hydraulic elevators is, hydraulic Presses, Lamps, of drying, tools. Spare parts and maintenance of compressing.
Jr. Alfonso Ugarte 260.
C - 2 - Callao - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Ing. Eduardo Morales

Industria Metalproductora Ltda.

Manufacturer, distributor and importer of foundry products
Calle 24 A No. 26-30 - Santa Fe - Bogotá - Colombia

Ortega Welding S.A.C

Sale and repair of welding machines and flame cutting equipment.

Torches and consumables for MIG / MAG, TIG and manual arc, arc, plasma cutting underwater and brands: Lincoln Electric, Hypertherm, thermal More...
Jr. Miguel zamora 156-6 - Lima - Peru

Valves in América Latina
Bridles. Sewers. Accessory stainless steel sewers and. Valve....

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Fijucy Empaquetaduras E.I.R.L.

Elastomer manufacturers of polyurethane, extreme stop performance. We are to a passage of his makes or company, dsitribuimos to La Paz, cochabamba, etc; to two days of to have made More...
Av. Argentina 805 Urb. Progresista - Paucarpata - Arequipa - Peru
Rpte: hugo atencio portugal

Oso Mudanzas

Moving diverse: Apartments, houses, businesses, etc..
Hoist by air: Furniture, appliances, etc..
Transport of machines: safes, copiers, pianos, printers, etc..
Different packaging.
Qualified personnel.
Service including Sundays and holidays.
Free estimates.
Jr. Recuay 253 Breña - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Orlando Davalos Alacha

Inflex Argentoil S.A.

Steel cylinders p gnc
25 de Mayo 1774 - San Fernando B1646EHD - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Oxigene in América Latina
Oxygen load instantly excellent purity...

Canaro S.R.L.

Autoelevadores repair. Hydraulic pumps. Hydraulic gear pumps of high pressure. Accessory hydraulic pumps. Hydraulic and tyre cylinders. Compactadores of residues. Compactadores of residues repairs and maintenance. Hydraulic equipment. Accessory hydraulic More...
Blas Parera 1846 - Castelar - Morón 1712 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Guido Veizaga

Sale of grinding machines cylinder motorcycle
Santa cruz - Ñuflo de Chávez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia