Dance academies in Latin America

Ballet classes for all ages from four years to 100, in an artistic and friendly atmosphere. Come and learn the most prestigious dance, regardless of age.

Cindy's Studio Ballet

Ballet classes for all ages from four years to 100, in an artistic and friendly atmosphere. Come and learn the most prestigious dance, regardless of age. With classes classified by age and knowledge.
Urb. Mendoza 1 calle 1 casa 7, villa faro - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Devas Amara

Devas Amara We are art and teaching. We offer a spectacular show of Arabic dance, pole dance, Twerking, burlesque, with sensory experience. We organize all kinds of events.
- Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

Morgan Diving Center -
Courses PADI diving under international license. the best facilities, heated pool. ...

Inversiones Elidia

Design and manufacture of all kinds of costume for any occasion and tailored .
calle 38 con av librtador local 2 acarigua estado portuguesa venezuela cod 3301 - Páez - Portuguesa - Venezuela

Academia de marinera y Capoeira Arevalo Chamochumb

We teach northern, Limean sailor, vals choreographies dances the modern rhythmic gymnastics etc.
Mz-Q5- Lt.6 Calle los Estambres Los Rosales de San Andres Trujillo (cerca a Metro del Ovalo Papal) - Victor Larco Herrera - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: junior y vanessa arevalo chamochumbi

Escuela Danzarte Perú

School where classes are offered performing arts as ballet, singing, drama, pantomime, dance mestizo dances, Spanish dance, guitar, piano, etc.. Classes are from 3 years of age or older.
Jr. Próspero 656 - Iquitos - Peru

Artists in América Latina
DVD protests free We give 3 hours of music with pencil equipment and DJ and globes for all the guests. Teacher of ceremonies free....

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Mell Rousse Dance Studio

you wish to be a star in the track dances, they see and learns to dance sauce (of hall - competition) in the yorkaprenderas styles Latin and new: - sauce More...
en el centro cultural filarmonico, av. m. villavicencio # 537 - Chimbote - Peru

Avivando Talentos Danae Calltro

We teach: Arabic dance, pole dance, healthy dance, dance for children.
calle 5 No 7E 65 Quinta Oriental - Cúcuta - Norte de Santander - Colombia

Bellydance en Puerto Rico

Leyla Zahar acknowledged master bellydance, samba, Hawaiian and bollywood, inside and outside Puerto Rico.

School shows and workshops for all groups, levels and ages.
Av. Ponce de León #1300, Rio Piedras. - Paraíba do Sul - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Musical education in América Latina
Lessons violin lessons at home with excellent pedagogy and methodology, with experience at the University of Antioquia ten years, eight years in the network of...

Leyla´s Center

the only academy of Arab dance in santa cross. classes from Monday to Saturday. show eaten 22,00 Fridays to. international, heals and light.
- Gualberto Villaroel - La Paz - Bolivia

Danza Aeróbica Oriental Golf Club 2013

Arabic dance classes, aerobic dance. Registration for all age classes from 8 to 13 July.

Basic Level I: Beginners

For girls: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Value $ 30 a week (Monday to More...
Golf Club, Changuinola Finca 8 - Bocas del Toro - Panama
Rpte: Rayzel Azhar