Diamond disks in Latin America

Sac bonavia is a company engaged in the sale of diamond blades for cutting concrete, concrete blocks unicon, siliceous limestone bricks, concrete pavers, fresh concrete, hard.

Bonavia Sac

Sac Bonavia is a company engaged in the sale of diamond blades for cutting concrete, concrete blocks unicon, Siliceous limestone bricks, concrete pavers, fresh concrete, hard concrete, rocks and stones More...
Calle Fray Angelico 254. La Calera de la Merced - Surquillo - Lima - Peru

Alcon Diamond Tools

Diamond discs and glasses for, cut of asphalt, concrete, granite laja, refractory brick, ceramic marble and others, natural stones, special manufacture
Av Nicolas Arriola 840-Sta Catalina - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Machinery in América Latina
Manufacturers of machineries to saw wood. The Schiffer sawmills estan in 90% of the lumber companies of the Peruvian Amazonia. The Schiffer factory is in...

Machine tools in América Latina
Machinery and offer new and used equipment of all types of industries: industrial machinery and tools, team-built, agricultural machinery, machinery for the metalworking industry, food...

Rent A Trailer - Máquinas para la Construcción

Service of rent and sale of machines and tools for the civil, road construction and industrialOfrecemos demolishing hammer Bosch, vibratory vibroapisonador Mikasa, apisosonadores Mikasa, Mikasa rammer, rollers, roller of Multiquip More...
Avenida del Libertador 202 - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Productos Diamantados de Colombia. Prodiamco Ltda

We are manufacturers of discs, strawberries, reels and teeth made shine like diamonds for the work of the glass, marble, granite, concrete, asphalt, ceramics and brick.
Calle 137 # 85-27 - Bosa - Bogotá - Colombia

Anjusa E.I.R.L

On sale dedicated company rent of machineries for the civil construction and technical service specialized of stationary motors diessel-gasoline.
Av Universitaria Los Olivos - Callao - Lima - Peru

Abrasives in América Latina
Caso não Anéis I found some measures, orders made recently sob names may be assigned, in measures as agreed to desenho ou amostra ou two...

Heavy machinery accessories in América Latina
Making repairs joints, crankshaft, connecting rods, hoses for trucks, ventilation propellers, bushings, bearings, heavy line offal / utilities, hangers, pipe guns, stretcher pad, sprocket, pin,...

Gusdaval S.A.

Manufactures diamond tools and cubic boron nitride for all industries
Tronador 1684 - B1704HEB - Ramos Mejia - Buenos Aires - Argentina - La Matanza - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Consorcio UMA SAC

We are a on sale dedicated disc company of cuts made shine like diamonds Syberian mark for concrete, lajas, rubblework and asphalt.
Coop. Malaspina Bryson Mz. S-1 Lot. 14 - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Juan Vidal Herrera

Master Blade International S.A.C.

Online provider of diamond tools including diamond blades, grinding cups and core bits for the construction industry.
Calle Junin 410 - Miraflores - Lima - Peru