Diamond drilling in Latin America

Our company founded with bolivian capital perform hq and nq drilling, pressure injection waterproofing in foundations of dams, spt tests for foundations of bridges obtras buildings.

Doingwiler Drillingbol srl.

our company founded with Bolivian capital perform HQ and NQ drilling, pressure injection waterproofing in foundations of dams, SPT tests for foundations of bridges obtras buildings and civil engineering, drilling monitoring tailings dams
Rafael Pabon #705 esq David Siles Oruro Bolivia - Cercado - Oruro - Bolivia

Tecsomin SRL

Diamond drilling services to mining for evaluations
Water well drilling
Soil studies SPT jobs
Av. Nestor Galindo 2704 el Alto - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Drilling in América Latina
Manufacturer of diamond tools, blades, bits, wire, sheets, wheels. ...

Perforaciones la Ceiba

Company dedicated to the well perforation.
- San Pablo - Heredia - Costa Rica

Boyles Bros

Adamantine reels, pipes and Accessories of Perforation
Av.Santa Ana 186 (Alt.Carretera Central km.13) - Ate - Lima - Peru

Boyles Test Drilling SRL

Boyles Test Drilling srl is a diamond drilling with Bolivian capital.

Boyles Test Drilling SRL, offers a diamond drilling in diameters PQ, HQ and N.Q., water wells, soil studies.
Senkata - Av: Japon
Zona San Nicolas # 2472 - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Asociación De Mineros de la Cuenca del Sinifaná - Qlyque.com
Carbon trading and advisory services for legalization of traditional mining. ...

Boyles Test Drilling S.R.L.

We provide surface diamond drilling in diameters H.Q. and N.Q., drilling environmental impact assessment, civil works, import of machinery, tools and implements.
Senkata / Av. Japon
Calle Loayza # 2472 - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia
Rpte: Sr. Elias

Consultorio Médico Madrigal-Varela

-General Medicine (Elderly, adults & children)
-Control of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and triglycerides)
-Preventive Medicine (Health Control, Growth and Development)
-Woman´s Health Care (clinical breast exam, taking cervical citology convensional -papanicolau- More...
Del Cementerio de San Pablo de Heredia, 200m Oeste y 25m Norte - Heredia - Costa Rica

Fijar SAS

Service anchors, diamond drilling Sacanucleos, demolition and tensile testing of anchors.
Carrera 16 #48-74 oficina 201 - Chapinero - Bogotá - Colombia

Engineering consulting in América Latina
Through this, receive a warm welcome from those who satisfied all security in communications, wish him success in his time and consideration to put the...

Preventive medicine in América Latina
Medical Spa where health treatment, wellness and beauty are made ... ...


Adamantine, mechanical perforation of Grounds, tunnels.
Av.Gálvez Barrenechea 560(Ex Av Principal) - Lima - Peru

J. V. Perforaciones E.I.R.L.

Tubular drilling services and artesian wells nationwide peru llamenos without obligation.
Calle 23 mz v lote 15 Alemana San Juan de Miraflores - Lima - Peru