Drinking water and sewerage in Latin America

In purifi we seek care sensitize people about hazardous contaminants in drinking water in peru and risk the health of people. And the importance of effective.

Purifi Care

Purifi Care In purifi we seek care sensitize people about hazardous contaminants in drinking water in Peru and risk the health of people. And the importance of effective use purifiers with reverse osmosis and activated to have pure and healthy water coal. We offer quality products such as dispensers, purifiers reverse osmosis filters and activated carbon.
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Purificadores de Agua Purifi Care

Purificadores de Agua Purifi Care We are dedicated to more households have clean water and quality, we offer products for water purification with the most effective system that exists in the marking: reverse osmosis and activated carbon. We have a wide range of quality water purifiers and dispensers for the home or office, as well as shower filters to remove chlorine batterer, cold water dispensers, More...
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Water filters in América Latina
Group of people dedicated to improving the quality of life through nature. ...

Servicio de Agua para Cisterna Rachelle

It is about 2500 tanker trucks gallons
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Mantec Peru SAC

Mantec Peru SAC We are dedicated to project supply and installation of potable water to disadvantaged populations.
Cleaning of tall buildings with electric scaffolding
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My name is Johnny Anchundia Calva we are manufacturers of accessories for potable water manufacture joints Dresser from 250-1800 merge junctions Dresser gray iron 73-250 we are manufacturers of PVC fittings, manhole covers, drains manufacture rubber gaskets for flanges and strips of 1/2 and 3/4.
We have more than 18 years in the market we have distributed materials in different parts More...
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Drilling in América Latina
We excavations tubewells all depths down to the level in any district or neighborhood facilities electrobomas submersible pumps. ...

H2O Power Generation S.A.

We specialize in hydraulics and electrical engineering, with a clear focus on the design and construction of swimming pools, Jacuzzis, fountains, waterfalls, coatings Treatment Plants sewage, Plumbing, also we are dedicated to distribute and install Pumping Systems Water & Fire systems, among others.
H2O Power Generation, S.A. It is a for-profit organization that provides solutions Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering, throughout the More...
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Sindlar Peru S.A.C.

We are consulting of hydric resource in all forms (from water and desague, happening through irrigations, dams and relaves mineroshasta the coastal defenses and engineering of the landscape), we prepared More...
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Consultoría y Servicios Yaguarú

Our company is dedicated to water management, and we specialize in the manufacture of equipment and water treatment systems, water purification systems for industrial and commercial processes, and advise on More...
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Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina - GuiaTrabajo.com
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Buceo del Litoral

Scuba equipment specializing in water pipes and sanitation, maintenance facilities, cleaning of underwater structures, repair of valves and locks, ships, films, etc.
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Agua Vital Peru

We were in charge on sale of equipment of treatments of potable water, and consumptions
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