Educational material in Latin America

Nursery and homework room so that your children are well reinforced in schools, also take care of their children.

Refuerzo Pedagógico Inicial y 1 er Grado

Lic. Education offers reinforcement and start language skills, reading, motor skills, letters, colors, shapes, adaptation to the development of new knowledge and strengthening skills and more.

Plans x time now or monthly payment

Shifts in the morning and afternoon
4-6 quotas students x section
Av. Ppal. del Caribe - Caraballeda - Vargas - Venezuela

Guarderia y Sala de Tarea Tia Susy

Nursery and homework room so that your children are well reinforced in schools, also take care of their children.
Avenida Yapur Dumit, edificio 29, detras de la capilla, Santiago - Santiago - Dominican Republic

Bookstores in América Latina
School supplies, textbooks and digital prints ...

Games in América Latina
The diffusion of the art of the magic and ilusionismo is our main objective, we have a great variety of articles of magic for magicians...

Editorial Eduqa

Editing and Printing :
- books
- magazines
- Training materials
- Educational articles

Books Publisher :
Intermediate Accounting (ed. 2014)
Entrepreneurship and accounting companies ( 2013-2014 edition )
Integrated Government Accounting ( 2014 edition )
Basic Accounting for More...
- Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Eno Comercial

Didactic material educative toys in wood and material plastic for early stimulation, etc.
Jr. Cuzco Nro 626 Tienda nro. 1172 (1er.Piso) y en Jr.Puno 627-631 Tienda 1012 Galeria Mercado Central, LIMA (al costado de la RENIEC de Lima) - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Henry Aguilar Calderon

Kid´s A&A EIRL

Sale of didactic games for early stimulation of 0 to 6 years of age.
Av. Prolongación Grau 1854 - Piura - Peru

Jardines de infancia en los Estados Unidos -
Guardería y sala de tarea para que sus hijos esten bien reforzados en el ámbito escolar, también cuidamos sus hijos....

Private tuition in América Latina
Group dedicated to University teachers and development of teaching jobs and tasks in Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry . Includes Financial Mathematics , Probability and...

Shande Maquiat

Shand maquiat The company is dedicated to the sale of diplomas and specializations remote has an agreement with the country's most prestigious universities.
Av. Los Incas 740 - Lambayeque - Peru

ILS Colombia

Distribution of imprints: zigzag, amanuta, editorial mn, orange editions, editions quipu, creating growth, e-future, nivola, millmark education, giving all Manhal, Edelvives edinun, v & v, b.jain, maipue, among other.
Calle 116 a No 79 D - 46 - Puente Aranda - Bogotá - Colombia

Technological education in América Latina
Congratulations, ahroa you can study many carrears with videos and UNI.Cada certification course consists of 24 videos and very didactic exercises to learn step by...

C. Sabonis Perú S.A.C.

Import, distribution, commercialization of articles, office, student, design, gift and publicity. Sabonis is a registered tradename and has sanitary authorization of Digesa.Con national and labeled registry in the articles requisite More...
Jr. Andahuaylas 930 2do Piso. - Lima - Peru

LB Vision Publicidad

We are dedicated to making teaching materials for students as models , altar homeland , boards, flannel boards , informative .
calle La Paz 26-75 y Jun{in - Riobamba - Chimborazo - Ecuador