Electroplating in Latin America

Doradores of metals. Galvanoplasty. Copperplated galvanoplasty. chromed galvanoplasty. empavonado galvanoplasty. nickel-plated galvanoplasty. polished polish factories..

Cromados Gulli

Doradores of metals. Galvanoplasty. Copperplated galvanoplasty. Chromed galvanoplasty. Empavonado galvanoplasty. Nickel-plated galvanoplasty. Polished polish factories.
Martin Rodriguez 2649 - Quilmes 1879 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

J&F Maquinarias

Generators and generator sets. Sale, repair, maintenance and accessories.
- La Matanza - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Sedine SRL - Qlyque.com
We are civil engineering professionals, dedicated to the design, construction, supervision and execution of civilians and metal. Find us and build your project in...

Perosino Galvanoplastia S.A.

Galvanoplasty. Bronzed galvanoplasty. Copperplated galvanoplasty. Chromed galvanoplasty. Galvanoplasty chromed on plastic. Galvanoplasty cromoniquel. Golden galvanoplasty. Galvanized galvanoplasty. Nickel-plated galvanoplasty. Zincado galvanoplasty. Bonding to the emptiness. Treatments of surface.
Av. Circunvalacion (alt. O. Lagos Al 6100) 2783 - Rosario S2006GZA - Santa Fe - Argentina

Ferro Mallas

Manufacture of electro welded of Job-Sep type made in black iron, galvanized iron and stainless steel.
We have highly qualified personnel and advanced technology, allowing us to manufacture items in black More...
Melián 2820- Parque Industrial de Burzaco- Provincia de Buenos Aires.- - Almirante Brown - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tratamientos Blendor C.e.i. S.R.L.

Estañado. Galvanoplastia. Galvanoplastia niquelados a tambor. Galvanoplastia bicromatizado. Galvanoplastia cadmiado. Galvanoplastia cobreado. Galvanoplastia dorado. Galvanoplastia estañado. Galvanoplastia estaño plomo. Galvanoplastia niquelado. Galvanoplastia pasivado. Galvanoplastia plateado. Galvanoplastia zincado. Galvanoplastia zincado negro. More...
Calle 103 Narrio 1870 - San Martin - General San Martín 1650 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Industrial metallic seals in América Latina
32 Years in the market providing mechanical seals, detents, o?rings. in more than 25 countries. Consultenos!...

Gedom S.r.l

Esmeralda 3521, Munro - Vicente Lopez - Vicente López 1605 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Cromados Hugo Lopz Ltda

We dedicated ourselves to all type of galvanopl?sticos baths like nickel plates shining, satin and black, chromium platings, zincados, silver-plated, copperplated, empavonados, bronzing, old gold and tin-platings, all in quiet More...
Emrioque Garcia Peña 3057 - Prado - Montevideo - Uruguay

Recubrimientos Metalicos de la Laguna

Galvanized, chrome plated, brass plated, copper in bright or aged finishes specifications ceramic iron antimony zinc alloy and plastic resins.
Calle Panamá #332 Colonia Aviacion - Torreón - Coahuila - Mexico

Generators in América Latina
We are a trading company of power plants (generator) of high quality, we also provide consultancy for power projects, we have a stock of spare...

Multiservicios Artegraf

Av. Centenario 536 Independencia - Huaraz - Peru

Cromadora Nissi

Chrome and nickel in all kinds of metal parts
7 av Calzada - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala