Engineering consulting in Latin America

We are a company with advanced technology, quality materials and professional experts in the implementation of drip irrigation systems, sprinkler, micro, fogging and the sale and.

Inversiones & Servicios Generales JJ S.A.C.

Inversiones & Servicios Generales JJ S.A.C. We are a company with advanced technology, quality materials and professional experts in the implementation of drip irrigation systems, sprinkler, micro, fogging and the sale and repair of machinery agroforestry (chainsaws, lawn height, sprayers, etc). Worrying about the project development from design and implementation and ongoing technical support delivery
Av. America Sur 1530 - Urb Chicago - Trujillo - Peru


Ate Citarte - Lima - Peru

Engineering projects in América Latina
It is a company dedicated to the projection, supervision, maintenance, facilities and electrical assembly in loss, average and high voltage. Tecind Engineer, finds its...

JIV Presupuestos -
Budgets, price analysis, budget control, progress of work, schedules rated ...

Calidad y alimentos asesores

We advise on the implementation of quality management system and safety. HACCP, ISO 22000, GMP.
health concepts
Health records
Supplier audits.

Ingtop Consult S.A.C.

INGTOP Consult S.A.C. is a company that provides services to public and private sector, in the area of engineering surveying, geomatics, cartography, geodesy, bathymetry, rural and urban cadastre, roads, waterworks More...
Villa el Eden E-16, Habitat - Ilo, Moquegua
Jr. Ladislao Butron 130, Cercado - Juliaca, Puno - Juliaca - Peru
Rpte: David Apaza


Company Projects Various Industries (EPROYIV) is dedicated to the development of architectural projects, engineering and technology.
9na e/ 41 y 6. - Playa - Ciudad de La Habana - Cuba

Environmental impact in América Latina
Company of half environmental protection, and promotes the activity of renewable energies like protection of the environment....

Asesores y consultores empresariales en los Estados Unidos -
Hacemos consultorias/asesorías personalizadas a Hogares, empresas, oficinas y Negocios en general. Es una filosofía y un arte que nos ayuda a reorganizar los...

Sonar Ingeniería Acústica Ltda.

It is a company dedicated to acoustic engineering, measurements of noise, environmental acoustics, periodic studies acoustic impact for day eia, acoustic monitorings evaluation of communitarian noise (D.S.146/97 Minsegpres), measurement of More...
Antonio Bellet 77 Of. 1201-A. Providencia, RM. Viña del Mar, V Región. - Santiago - Chile

Cordeinsa SA de CV

Telescopic crane hire up to 100 ton, hydraulic cranes from 15 to 220 ton., Conventional cranes from 40 to 150 ton crawler cranes and 25 to 70 ton.
- San Salvador - El Salvador

Ingenieria, Comercio y Ejecucion

Engineer with solid experience in water studies and saneamineto, highways, construction.
Advising and supervision ground works, study with laying of foundations aims.
Within the services that we can offer this to him More...
Jr. Los Pinos 155 - Urb. Los Pinares - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Juan Carlos Leiva Infante

Construction companies in América Latina
Company engaged in the construction and rental of bulldozers well as architectural and executive located in Zacatecas....

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Agroforestal Darien, S.A.

It is a Panamanian company of capital that dedicates to the consultation and forest services.
Agua Fría, Chepigana, Provincia de Darién Rep. de Panamá - Darién - Panama

JP Ingenieros

Consulting and construction company of metallic structures and concrete
Tunja - Centro - Boyacá - Colombia