Engineering consulting in Latin America

We are a company with advanced technology, quality materials and professional experts in the implementation of drip irrigation systems, sprinkler, micro, fogging and the sale and.

Inversiones & Servicios Generales JJ S.A.C.

Inversiones & Servicios Generales JJ S.A.C. We are a company with advanced technology, quality materials and professional experts in the implementation of drip irrigation systems, sprinkler, micro, fogging and the sale and repair of machinery agroforestry (chainsaws, lawn height, sprayers, etc). Worrying about the project development from design and implementation and ongoing technical support delivery
Av. America Sur 1530 - Urb Chicago - Trujillo - Peru

Wordphone, C.A,

Panasonic telephone exchanges, technical service.
Service technician, specializing in the installation, programming and repair of telephone exchanges Panasonic of any capacity and model. technical support, consulting, service and maintenance, good service is our permanent offer.
La Gran Caracas - Cristóbal Rojas - Miranda - Venezuela

Engineering projects in América Latina
Consulting and sales of cutting edge technology for all types of business and industrial enterprise....

Constructora RF

Constructora RF Constructora RF, is a Peruvian company established in 1993. We are a team of professionals we produce and develop engineering and construction projects, according to the needs of our customers, providing differentiated consulting each specialty.
- Surco - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Ronald Vega Santisteban

Calidad y alimentos asesores

We advise on the implementation of quality management system and safety. HACCP, ISO 22000, GMP.
health concepts
Health records
Supplier audits.

TicoFire S.A.

TicoFire S.A. We specialize in the design, installation, maintenance and consulting prevention systems, fire detection and suppression, as well as training and advice from the different services. We have certified personnel CEPI and NFPA standards, as well as FM Global. We can provide a service with the highest quality products, showing the various certifications with brands we work. We implemented a new More...
- Alajuela - Costa Rica

Ingenieros en los Estados Unidos -
Venta de grass americano x metro cuadrado y esqueje....

IIE Ingeniería

IIE Ingeniería IIE Engineering SAS, a company dedicated to providing services in architecture, construction and electrical engineering, who considers as one of its main purposes the continued development of activities of health and safety at work, labor coexistence and the environment, promoting the preservation of the state of psicolaboral physical and health of its workers, mitigation of environmental impact, damage to property, More...
Cra 49C No. 91-40 - Barrios Unidos - Bogotá - Colombia

Molinos de Viento "Electricidad Gratuita "

Manufacturers, sales of wind mills (wind) hydro electric.
Charge controllers, inverters, blades
Molino, solar panel, inverter $ 999

Windmills from $ 450
Free Energy, refrigerator, TV, lights, fan.
In order to energize the whole house.
- Guaynabo - Puerto Rico

Bernat Ingeniería

Service design and assembly of electrical panels.
We have highly qualified in design and execution of electrical panels of various applications staff:
- Repair of electrical panels.
- Armed dashboards and strength
- Design of control circuits.
- Programming PLC and SCADA.
- Boards engine starts.
- Banks capcitores.
- Control lighting and irrigation.
Barrio Las Misiones Calle San Juan - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Environmental impact in América Latina
We are a Mexican company founded on June of the 2001 with presence at national and international level, that is dedicated to the clorhidr?xido manufacture...

FSB Planning SAS

Planning FSB SAS is pleased to offer your company our portfolio, whose corporate purpose is project management and engineering services, construction and assembly. Among the services we provide management consulting:

- Planning
- Programming and monitoring
- Control (budget execution)
- Feasibility studies
- Budgeting
- Risk Study
- Financial Structuring
- Assistance Quality Management
- Assistance Management HSE
- Project Management Training.

Engineering services, construction and assembly, our portfolio offers:

- More...
Cra 17 A No. 175-82 - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

Ingenieria, Comercio y Ejecucion

Engineer with solid experience in water studies and saneamineto, highways, construction.
Advising and supervision ground works, study with laying of foundations aims.
Within the services that we can offer this to him More...
Jr. Los Pinos 155 - Urb. Los Pinares - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Juan Carlos Leiva Infante