Environmental sanitation in Latin America

Multiple and compatible integral services.

Grupo del Aguila contratistas y Representaciones

Grupo del Aguila contratistas y Representaciones Multiple and compatible integral services.
Calle Amazonas - 126 - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru


Biodel is a company for environmental products and services, bionegocio, agribusiness, recycling and production of earthworms and humus. Plants' apple, peach, cherimoya, avocado "fruit species
Avenida Rafael Mendoza S/N km 5.5 avenida Chapare Sur lado Copelme - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Pest control in América Latina
Domestic pest control, commercial, industrial. Authorized INSAI and Sanitary. We deliver certificates as a requirement for health permit. ...

Dxplague Fumigaciones en Caracas

A company located in the populous city of Caracas dedicated to control and extermination of every kind of plague.
Av. Mexico, Edif Winco, Piso 1, Ofic. 1-2 - La Pastora - Caracas - Venezuela

Econtrol Saneamiento Ambiental

We service disinsection, disinfection, pest control and cleaning of tanks both industrial and commercial premises.

We have a specialized technical team and providing optimal solutions for your business.
Calle Las Semblanzas 146 - La Molina - Lima - Peru

Alfa 2000

engineering metalicaobras civilessistema drywalllimpieza of atnques and cisterns
Lima - Lima - Peru

Sistemas Tecnicos - Qlyque.com
Tecnicos.le Systems guarantee that we can remove stains from glass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum will restore the windows and mirrors, all without leaving streaks ............ ...

Consultoría y Servicios Yaguarú

Our company is dedicated to water management, and we specialize in the manufacture of equipment and water treatment systems, water purification systems for industrial and commercial processes, and advise on More...
Av. Perimetral No 101 esq. Av. San Silvestre - Km 4½ carretera al Norte entre 5to y 6to anillo de circunvalación - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia
Rpte: Humberto Miranda Belmonte

"SC" fumigacion integral

Dedicated to the integral fumigation (disinfection, desinsectizaci?n and desrratizaci?n) of atmospheres; cleaning and disinfection of water sources for human consumption (cisterns tanks high and others), phytosanitary control and multiple services.
urbanización aziruni II etapa H-13 - Puno - Peru

Cucarraslim S.A.C

Cucarraslim S.A.C. is a company specialized in offering integral solutions in the lines of decontamination, atmosphere disinfection, rat control, cleaning and disinfection of tanks and cisterns, total integral sanitizaci?n as More...
Calle Alcanfores 471
Calle José Olaya 161 - Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Drinking water and sewerage in América Latina
Transport trucking water suitable for human and industrial consumption. ...

Dispensers Sudamericana S.A.

Atmosphere deodorants. Cleaning articles stops.
Malabia 236 - Capital Federal 1414 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Ecuador Limpio

Ecuador staff clean " cleaning solutions " cleaning 4 hours and 8 hours for businesses , malls, buildings, condominiums , etc. .
- Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador