Environmental sanitation in Latin America

Multiple and compatible integral services.

Grupo del Aguila contratistas y Representaciones

Grupo del Aguila contratistas y Representaciones Multiple and compatible integral services.
Calle Amazonas - 126 - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Grupo Internacional SAC

Company leader in services of industrial cleaning and environmental cleaning.
Calle Santa Teodosia Nº 271 - San Miguel - Lima - Peru

Fumigación en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Empresa de servicios profesionales para el control de plagas que afectan la Salud Pública en hoteles resinencias, escuelas, universidades, restaurantes, hospitales, industrias y centros recreativos....

Microestudios Lab

Paraiso, San Miguelito - Panamá - Panama

Tecnipest S.A.S.

Integrated pest management, environmental sanitation, wood treatment, cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks.

Develop our work with passion and environmental responsibility, to ensure our customers a better environment.
Transversal 56 No 108-79
Bogota, D.C.
Rpte: Jorge Arturo Acuña Garcia

As en Fumigaciones Ltda

Leader in pest control, such as fleas, cockroaches, weevils, mites, ants, bees, among others, services in homes, businesses, shops, educational institutions.
cr 75 n. 8 a -89 - Ciudad Bolívar - Bogotá - Colombia

Industrial cleaning in América Latina
We are dedicated to providing cleaning services and cleaning of all types of properties, businesses, educational institutions, pharmaceutical and food industries, commercial facilities, etc. ...

Gaia. Proyectos y Servicios Ambientales

We have the best institutional relations and we worked with a team of specialists and laboratories of but the high level, in Dominican republic. Area of our services: - Studies More...
C/Fernando Valerio esq. Nuñez Dominguez, La Julia, D.N. - La Victoria - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Fumigaciones Bogota

- Professionals in the field of environmental sanitation.
- Effective control of crawling and flying
- Control of rodent pests
- Disinfection of surfaces
- Fumigation of fleas, cockroaches, mites, mice.
- Services in Bogota More...
calle 63 no 10 - 89 - Chapinero - Bogotá - Colombia

Jaitorrempresarial S.A.C.

Consulting Safety and Health Act 29783 ds work Tr 005-2012.
Mandatory from 1 employee-avoid "sudafil fines."
Environmental sanitation services (IPM = integrated pest-year plan mapping).
Disposal: crawling and flying insects, More...
U.V.3 Cha. 20-G. Lima, 1 - Lima - Peru

Drinking water and sewerage in América Latina
Transport trucking water suitable for human and industrial consumption. ...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina - GuiaTrabajo.com
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Predator Pest Control

We are committed to improving environmental quality and public health in the Dominican Republic. We selected the best products for their efficacy and low toxicity to the environment.
C/Juan de Morfa 114B. Villa Consuelo. - Santo Domingo - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Centro Médico Veterinario "Prosapvet"

A leader with first class services dedicated to preserving public health between pets and humans, provides general medical, surgery, immunizations, hospitalizations, pharmacy, medicated baths, lodging, and other sprays.
Av. guardia Civil Norte Mz. E - Lt. 38 (Costado del Parque Julito escobar) - Surco - Lima - Peru