Essences in Latin America

Family business dedicated to the manufacture of fragrances and bases for manufacture of cleaning related chemicals.

Forquim Argentina

Family business dedicated to the manufacture of fragrances and bases for manufacture of cleaning related chemicals.
- Capital - Córdoba - Argentina


Pharmaceutical warehouse of raw materials for cosmetic pharmacy and.
Pol. Ind. Camino al Mar, calle once, 17 - Alboraya - València - Spain

Industria alimentaria en los Estados Unidos -
Proceso y elaboración de cereales andinos. Tostado de cereales - molienda de cereales - laminado de cereales harina de maca - harina y /o hojuela...

Chemical products in América Latina
Chemical agent import and commercialization, reactive, material for laboratory, paper filter and raw material....

Exarome aromas & esencias

Essential oils formulated for application in cosmetic industries, cleaning, aromatherapy, automotive, etc:
cajaravilla 5170 - Floresta - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Solaroma Perú SAC

We are a company that makes and commercializes consumptions for bread-making; essences (flavors), colouring and chemical products. With but the high quality, guarantee and punctuality.
Jr. Alonso Pinzon 3380 - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru

Biospher Internacional SRL.

Company dedicated to the commercialization of raw materials aromas, natural dyes, proteins, hydrocolloids, fragrances, machinery, product design, engineering and design of plants for food industries meat, dairy, bakery etc.
- Buenos Aires - Argentina

Bakeries and pastry shops in América Latina
Endulsado bread products for diabetics with splenda oatmeal cookies corn and peanuts . ...

Soap, shampoo and toilet articles in América Latina
With the vision to expand business, meet new customers and new markets, Hair Beauty Distributors are the selection to be acting in their respective regions...

Olam Growly

We are a producer and marketer of essential oils
Calle Engombe # 60 Engombe, Zona Industrial de Herrera - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Levaduras Paraguayas S.A.

Manufacturer, importer and distributor of raw materials for integrated bakeries, coffee shops, pubs and supermarkets.
Avda. San Antonio 972 c/ Rio Paraguay - Central - Paraguay


AROMAZONIA is a Paraguayan company, with its spirit of fair trade and respect for nature, manufactures all products handmade with 100% natural organic ingredients from the Amazon jungle.
- Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Cosméticos en los Estados Unidos -
Racco es una empresa dirigida totalmente al desarrollo humano y por ello mantiene un canal efectivo de relación con sus más diversos públicos, al seguir...

Inversiones Jardín de Sabores, C.A.

Selling items and materials for confectionery; unflavored gelatin, oils, prints for cakes and jellies, metal and plastic cutters, molds for cakes, cupcakes, jelly, chocolates; trays. We also provide service elaborations More...
Av. Intercomunal Guarenas Guatire, CC Oasis Center, Piso 3, Local M89, Guatire, Edo. Miranda - Zamora - Miranda - Venezuela

Glass & Glass

Mexican company, we are manufacturers and marketers of all raw materials for perfumery: essence, packaging, accessories, alcohol of the highest quality and best prices.
Calle 18 # 28 a-91 - Los Mártires - Bogotá - Colombia