Fashion designers in Latin America

We have experience in design and image consulting in novi teenagers, among others.

Marjorie y Crisax Diseño y Moda

We have experience in design and image consulting in Novi teenagers, among others.
Av. America entre diego mendez y vicente aguirre. - Chapinero - Bogotá - Colombia

Confecciones Mariluz

Preparations of poles for ladies exclusive models we developed landlords we offered services boutiques.
Av. Villa Maria cuadra 6 C.C. La Gran Villa
tienda 103-104 V.M.T. - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Clothing and fashion in América Latina
Selling designer clothing brands for men and women ...

Tailors in América Latina
I offer uniforms passes professionals of the health (doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, laboratories) special for nurses, paramedical, medical technicians, matrons, dieticians and students of this...

Smartbusiness Outlet & Ropa Tennis Accesorios

Smartbusiness tennis outlet & clothing accessories smart bussiness export & import lots of goods, merchandise inventories of clothing, tennis, excellent accessories brands at a really economic price * wholesale only More...
- Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Karmen

Bozzetto di Moda

Staff of designers that specializes in the consultation of image and preparation in accordance with suits for all occasion: dresses of fianc2ees, night, cocktail, accidental wear, sastreria.
Av Diez Canseco 450 Miraflores - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Alicia Castillo Gallo

JullykHatrina Cia Ltda.

- Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Private tuition in América Latina
Mathematics classes for secondary and UTU. Statistical classes for faculties. Individual classes ...

Annjannette Centro & Agencia de Modelos

Central and modeling agency in the west, with major presence in the media.

W-model search contest Puerto Rico, girls ages 13 to 25 years
W-pageant girl, girls 4 to 12 years
-West fashion More...
Calle Aduana #256 - Mayagüez - Puerto Rico

Victoria Fashion

Caps or turbans cotton towel for drying hair, facial or body tratamientyos to protect it in the sauna and elsewhere Soft Protect your hair and not damaged.
carrera 122D # 129V11 eucaliptos II - Suba - Bogotá - Colombia

Textil Salvador

Apparel company's clothing, textile merchandising, custom suits, uniforms for nests, schools and businesses.
Calle Los Cipreces 435 - La Molina - Lima - Peru

Jewelers in América Latina
Retail trade in gold and silver jewelery, fine glassware, items for men and woman....

Izaias Ramos

Development, consulting, creation and modeling shoes
- Franca - São Paulo - Brazil

Auditorias Textiles Hidalgo

Securing of textile quality fabric analysis check of provisions sequence of preparation - finished product check control of packing
- Callao - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Srta. Liliana Hidalgo Jimenez