Fertilizers in Latin America

An ecuadorian company to offer agricultural producer products for all types of crops such as bananas.

Ecuatoriana de Agroproduccion Ecuagropsm S.A.

An Ecuadorian company to offer agricultural producer products for all types of crops such as bananas. cocoa. corn, rice etc.
Foleares sell fertilizers and soil urea, potassium nitrate DAP, Humus, etc.
Covers high and low density
Bands, ribbons, daipas, fungicides, scarves, cravats, herbicides, nematicides, insecticides.
Sucre y Napoleon Mera - Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Claudia Lopez Maniguari

Calle El Cedro Nº 72 Barrio 11 de Octubre Km. 2 Cobija - Pando - Bolivia - Nicolas Suarez - Pando - Bolivia

Products for agriculture in América Latina
We work for livestock management on farms and stables eg corrals for livestock, fence posts, shackles, scales, stables, paddocks doors for others. ...

Agribusiness in América Latina
Factory egg separators ...

Negociacion Agricola Tierra SAC

Organic fertilizers.
santa elena, c-5. - Ica - Peru

Agroventas San Francisco

Organic fertilizer producers - fungicides and insecticidasademas veterinary consumptions salts mineral-calcium-anti-parasite-disinfectants topic-antidiarrheal-vitamins talc anti fleas etc.
Av. Abdon Calderon 710 y 31 de Octubre - Otavalo - Imbabura - Ecuador

Agricultural products in América Latina
It is a cooperative enterprise, which began operations in 1981, has a distribution network and sales nationwide. Our main items are: the import and...

Engineers in América Latina
Company dedicated to the industrial water treatment, chemical steam generation, products, environmental cleaning, chemical cleaning, manufacture of boilers, water softeners and others...

Diamon Corporacion S.A

Sulphates of Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Acids, etc.
Calle Chacarillas , 451 - San Isidro - Lima - Peru

Insumos Agricolas

American Sale x square meter grass cuttings.
Campiña de Moche S/n - Trujillo - Peru

Petrasfos chile S.A.

Petrasfos Chile S.A. It has been installed in the country to meet the needs of perlite and vermiculite.
Excellent filter material, chemically inactive. Improved farming techniques, allowing optimum moisture and oxygenation. More...
Camino Santa Teresa s/n Parcela 5 A lote 2 A-4 - Lampa - Santiago - Chile

Abonos Superior Ltda - Qlyque.com
Producer and distributor of products for nutrition and plant health. We have products such as: Garlic-chili Hydrolates, Hydrolates of snuff, foliar fertilizers, among others. ...

Agro Mi Sur S.A.C.

Ample of agro-chemical, on sale fertilizing and agricultural machinery
Asoc. Señor de los Milagros Mz:A Lte:01-A - Alto de la Alianza - Tacna - Peru

Agrozar Insumos Agrícolas

Trading company and distribution of vegetable seeds, forage, green manure. We have granular fertilizers, agricultural lime and different types of agricultural defensive. We have the best veterinary products and items More...
Ruta 2, km 16.5 Capiata - Capiatá - Central - Paraguay