Fiberglass in Latin America

Company dedicated to the manufacture of grp products (plastic reinforced fiberglass) among our products, portable chemical toilets, seats for sports, auto parts for tuning, exibidores of.


Company dedicated to the manufacture of GRP products (plastic reinforced fiberglass) among our products, portable chemical toilets, seats for sports, auto parts for tuning, exibidores of clothing, school desks, and so on.
Mayor Rocha 308 - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Cascos Perú

Fabrico casccos to police, motorcyclists serenasgo and fiberglass and the like tanbien everything related to leather goods articles or bio safety cuero.y construktion or mining as gloves etc.
asociacion once de octubre mz A LT 9 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Diseño Yeso -
dry construction. Drywall installation. ...

Portable toilets in América Latina
Portable toilets and cleaning septic tanks , our company provides service throughout El Salvador , with highly qualified staff and equipment . ...

Grupo Fiberglass Perú SAC

Manufacturers of articilos of fiber glass for the industry generally: portable baths bathtubs, development of new products pozas of shower, toilets.
Av Las Vegas c-5 Urbanización Las Vegas - Lurigancho Chosica Lima - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Cesar Mora La Madrid


Recina Polyester Optical Binelester-Fiber, etc
Av.Argentina 2989 - Lima - Peru

Steck Servicios Empresariales

Electrical equipment for use in outdoor installations, warm, corrosive and areas classified anti-explosive.
For further details see below "More Information"
J. Benito Blanco 3330, of. 2 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay
Rpte: Steck - Servicios Empresariales

Baños y cocinas -
Barugel Azulay, a leading bath and kitchen equipment, is distinguished by its constant presence and his constant efforts for professional development. on the site you...

Plastic injection in América Latina
We are a company that we offered consumptions for the plastic product manufacture. we are pioneering in offering consumptions of the best quality and consistency;...

Bussmark Industrias

Manufacture of metallic bodyworks for bus (tourism, interprovincial, urban) Works in painting, fiber glass and weld
los versalles 22-B san jeronimo cusco - Cusco - Peru
Rpte: javier mark pampa

Revestimientos Industriales S.A.

Retinsa dedicates to the polyester product manufacture reinforced with fiber glass and heat insulation and acoustic, as well as to the benefit of services of anti-corrosion linings and antacid, isolations More...
La Solidaridad Mz. B1 Lt. 8 Parque Industrial - Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

Instal Mach

sale of mannequins and accesoriostodo to arm your localinstal mach
bs as- capital federal (flores) - Flores - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Pool construction in América Latina
We materialize your dreams with unique water mirrors because our career dedicated to the construction of swimming pools , adding to our highly trained and...

Industrias de Multiservicios Vera SAC

Manufacture of glass fiber products

Panels, road signs
-Distribution of food boxes for motorcycle use
-Products in general
Calle los Queros 7445 Zona Industrial de Independencia espalda del centro de capacitacion Senati de la Panamericana Norte - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Cristina elena sanchez Quintanilla Vda. de Deville

Omni Fibra

Manufactures of portable toilets, mobile urinals, playgrounds, chairs, desks, information booths, mobile kitchens, bedrooms mobile, mobile rooms.
América 165 - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia