Fiberglass in Latin America

Company dedicated to the manufacture of grp products (plastic reinforced fiberglass) among our products, portable chemical toilets, seats for sports, auto parts for tuning, exibidores of.


Company dedicated to the manufacture of GRP products (plastic reinforced fiberglass) among our products, portable chemical toilets, seats for sports, auto parts for tuning, exibidores of clothing, school desks, and so on.
Mayor Rocha 308 - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Omni Fibra

Manufactures of portable toilets, mobile urinals, playgrounds, chairs, desks, information booths, mobile kitchens, bedrooms mobile, mobile rooms.
América 165 - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Thermal and acoustic insulation in América Latina
dry construction. Drywall installation. ...

Vidrierias Cristaltemp Vidrios

The Vidrierías cristaltemp is a company dedicated to the sale, management and implementation of national glass bringing our attention to quality products and finishes to the world of decoration and More...
Av. Aviacion 3938 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: David Campos


Company dedicated to the dissemination and use of composite materials for industry, construction, public enterprise and home.

Ponds, tanks, racks, structures.
Km 19, 5 via a la Costa, Guayaquil-Ecuador - Guayas - Ecuador

Corporacion Ancers Peru SAC

Manufacture and fiberglass acesoramiento nationwide, selling and renting portable toilets.
C.C KM 40.5 LIMA - Lima - Peru

Portable toilets in América Latina
Toiletries Rentacabs Quito Ecuador considering the first basic need of every human being, the market becomes necessary and indispensable in the placement of portable toilets,...


Recina Polyester Optical Binelester-Fiber, etc
Av.Argentina 2989 - Lima - Peru

Mundo Fibras SRL

Manufacturer of fiberglass products for home and industry.
Km 17 1/2 AUT Duarte Calle Santa Barbara Barrio Santa Barbara, - Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Grupo Fiberglass Perú SAC

Manufacturers of articilos of fiber glass for the industry generally: portable baths bathtubs, development of new products pozas of shower, toilets.
Av Las Vegas c-5 Urbanización Las Vegas - Lurigancho Chosica Lima - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Cesar Mora La Madrid

Whirlpool tubs and bathtubs in América Latina
Design advising, manufacture and equipment of steam chambers, sauna, spa, medical and industrial hidromasajes, equipment. Steam chambers with cromoterapia, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, sonidoterapia ozone equipment. Steam...

Plastic injection in América Latina
Acting in Manaus 12 years manufacture plain and corrugated hoses from polyethylene in sizes from 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/4....

Industrias Plasticas Luján

A company dedicated to the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced for home, industry, mining and fisheries.
Av. La Perla # 343 - Urb. La Perla
Costado Colegio Bruning - Trujillo - Peru

Cascos Perú

Fabrico casccos to police, motorcyclists serenasgo and fiberglass and the like tanbien everything related to leather goods articles or bio safety cuero.y construktion or mining as gloves etc.
asociacion once de octubre mz A LT 9 - Ate - Lima - Peru