Food industry in Latin America

Mold your brand logo in chocolate, chocolates and sweets advertising.

Feria Peruana

Av. Antisuyo 508, int X7 Mercado Central de Tahuantinsuyo - Independencia - Lima - Peru


Mold your brand logo in chocolate, chocolates and sweets advertising.
Cra 23 B # 7-18 L 202 Barrio Alameda - Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia
Rpte: Olma Lucía Pardo L.

Abarrotes en los Estados Unidos -
Venta al mayoreo y por menor productos a los mejores precios de la región granos básicos abarrotería en general les atenderá amable mente su propietario...

Corcarne SA

Slaughtering and meat processing livestock.
Machachi barrio San Agustin sector fábrica de AGA - Mejía - Pichincha - Ecuador


We offer a range of chemical raw materials such as acids, ascorbic, citric, oxalic, sorbic, waxes, food preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium erythorbate, starch from corn, potato, cassava, mildew, vitamins, flavorings, More...
Pasaje A, Lote 27 y De Los Ciruelos, Poceano Alto - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Mauricio Alvarado

Canal Alimentario

We are "Alimentary Canal" the food network. A new private trade platform for importers and exporters specializing in food and beverages.
In just 60 days of operation "Food Channel" has over More...
Rec. Interior de Zona Franca. Edif. Europa Mod. 6 - Cádiz - Spain
Rpte: Rosendo Vázquez Diéguez

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Food industry machinery in América Latina
Poultry keeping machines. Peladoras machines of birds....

H Benelli & Cia SRL

Comprehensive additive suppliers fridges - Polished produce tie wire inlays.
Udaondo 2078 Lanus O. Buenos Aires - Lanús - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Negociaciones Vadis Sac

Manufacturing of Ovoproducts like, liquid egg, clear company liquid, liquid, clear yolk dehydrated, dehydrated egg, yolk dehydrated and congealed in different presentations.
Calle Teniente Aristides del Carpio No 1819 Urb. Los Cipreces - Lince - Lima - Peru

Metalleg ltda.

Our company manufactures stainless steel furniture of all kinds. necessary for clinical and workstations for medical areas furniture, food processing,
Alonso de Cordova - Las Condes Santiago - Santiago - Chile

International trade in América Latina
Workshop straightening, painting and general mechanics for service insurers and the general public. ...

Bakeries and pastry shops in América Latina
We are dedicated to selling all kinds of breads attend events and give out orders for bread to wine cellars. ...

JJ gourmet

We offer food (vegetables, fruits, spices) Dehydrated 100% natural without chemical additives.
Asentamiento campesino El Mahomo - José Angel Lamas - Aragua - Venezuela

La Rambla S. A. I. C. F. e I.

Up bread baking English type sandwich, whole or cut in different sizes in various sizes and thicknesses according to the needs of our customers, black and white type diverssos tastes More...
José Aarón Salmún Feijoó 512/22 - Barracas - Buenos Aires - Argentina