Food industry in Latin America

Maldonado exclusive distributor of bakery bimbo, los sorchantes, catalan bread, biscuits maestro cubano, chocolates / ricard cereals. We serve retail supermarkets, kiosks, butcheries, restaurants, cars burgers,.

Piriapan S.R.L

Maldonado exclusive distributor of bakery Bimbo, Los Sorchantes, Catalan bread, biscuits Maestro Cubano, chocolates / Ricard cereals. We serve retail supermarkets, kiosks, butcheries, restaurants, cars burgers, gas stations, pharmacies and any businesses engaged in the sale of food to the public. Portezuelo to serve from Jose Ignacio.
Federico Matto entre N. Blanes y M. Jonio - Pinares - Las Delicias - Maldonado - Uruguay

Inoxchef SAC

Since 2013, the success of Inoxchef in the food market is due to the wide range of furniture and structured stainless steel equipment, from the cheapest to the most demanding More...
Teniente Jimenez 416 la Campiña Chorrillos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Marilyn Herrera

Groceries in América Latina
Wholesale and retail products at the best prices of basic grains abarrotería region generally attend you mind your own friendly family Gerson Bonilla and thanks...

Maq Depot SAC

It is an importer and distributor of equipment for comprehensive systems for their company stores .
Av. Primavera 120 Of. 203 Torre B Chacarilla Surco - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Rebeca's Factory

Distributor of decorated cakes and cupcakes to sell to the highest.
Urb. Colinas de Terepaima 5. La Mora - Cabudare. - Palavecino - Lara - Venezuela

Empresa Agroindustrial la Selva

Selvage national quality To 1, white sesame, clean one, by minor to bakeries, prices to try.
Av. Manco Capac 133 - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Food industry machinery in América Latina
Alimentos maquinas para la industria. Codificadoras maquinas y equipos. Cosmeticos equipos. Envasamiento al vacio maquinas para. Envasamiento automatico y semiautomatico maquinas. Laboratorios maquinas. Maquinas envasadoras...


We offer a range of chemical raw materials such as acids, ascorbic, citric, oxalic, sorbic, waxes, food preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium erythorbate, starch from corn, potato, cassava, mildew, vitamins, flavorings, More...
Pasaje A, Lote 27 y De Los Ciruelos, Poceano Alto - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Mauricio Alvarado

Alimentos Tio Beto

Frjoles delicious fried and seasoned ground and whole bean broth Tio Beto brand, ready to serve and enjoy.
- Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Poliplast Ecuador

Manufacture of all kinds of roll covers, bags or polyethylene bags, paper, polypropylene (jute). No printing and full color printing. In all measures for food and industry.
Isla Seymour n 41144 y Floreana - Jipijapa - Quito - Ecuador

International trade in América Latina
Foreign trade company - import and export. ...

Negociaciones Vadis Sac

Manufacturing of Ovoproducts like, liquid egg, clear company liquid, liquid, clear yolk dehydrated, dehydrated egg, yolk dehydrated and congealed in different presentations.
Calle Teniente Aristides del Carpio No 1819 Urb. Los Cipreces - Lince - Lima - Peru

San Silvestre

We offer all kinds of variety of food products such as yeast, VITAPAN , oils, dyes , soy meat , chantilly cream decor up flavor , baking powder , wheat More...
Av Heroes km 7 - Pedro Domingo Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia