Forensic science in Latin America

Traffic accidents - peru surveys from "siatasvi" in lima and provinces reconstructive analysis of facts in traffic accidents (contested cases), and perform expert mechanic in wrecked vehicles.

Siatasvi - Peru

Siatasvi - Peru Traffic accidents - Peru

Surveys from "Siatasvi" in Lima and provinces reconstructive analysis of facts in traffic accidents (contested cases), and perform expert mechanic in wrecked vehicles.
Las Amapolas 169 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Investigador Privado

research and locating and tracking - Presto private investigation services throughout the country location of infidelities people and other services
Colonia pedregal
San Pedro Sula Cortes - Cortés - Honduras

Private investigations in América Latina
We carry out effective work in: Location of people nationwide, couples infidelity, debt collection, selling spy cameras, microphones, headphones, GPS and more. ...

Lawyers in América Latina
Enough experience (specialist) mercantile business consultancy, victims of scams. ...

Agencia Detectives Dircondep Huanuco

We are an agency of highly qualified private investigation detectives. In all our work we maintain with our customers discretion.
We perform:
- Follow.
- Duplication of names.
- Infidelity.
- Thefts.
- Conducts sospechozas.
- Requisitoriados search.
- Bigamias.
- As requested by the client prior assessment.
- We keep absolute reserve with our customers.
Cayhuayna - Pillco Marca - Huánuco - Peru

Manuel Alejandro

Erotic massage for ladies home in the capital city of Guatemala.
11 calle 17-42 Lomas del Norte zona 17 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Detectives Privados "DAIP"

Questions? Infidelity? "Rinse and". Tracking, behavior of people, contribution of hard evidence in photos and videos, different locations, national service 24 hours 7 days, absolute confidentiality.
calle 31 No 14-22 - Tulua - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Criminal attorneys in América Latina
Economic legal advice and representation in the following areas: Civil right; usucapión judgment, administrative, voluntary, processing of deeds, drafting contracts, contract terminations, specific performance...

Legal experts in América Latina
Law firm in Quito, specialized in: energy, investments, companies, trusts, arbitration, public procurement, intellectual property, tax, civil ...

Agencia Detectives Privados Guimel S.A.C.

We are a group of experienced professionals in the investigation of unlawful acts, based on the application of the fundamental principles of criminalistics and forensic science, experience, honesty and effectiveness More...
Jr. Union 535 Miramar (Altura del mercado Miramar Av. Pardo) Frente al grifo - Chimbote - Peru
Rpte: Fernando Miguel

Instituo Medicano de Criminologia. S.C.

Graduated in expert areas: questioned documents, criminology, criminology, ballistics, forensic psychology, estimate.
Services: legal consultation, expert works, judgments.
Via Morelos #180 A., Col. Nuevo Laredo, Ecatepec.
c.p. 55080 - Ecatepec de Morelos - México - Mexico

Bufete Soto Viquez

Specialist in criminal law
Ave 5 calles O y 2. Heredia - Heredia - Costa Rica

Security in América Latina
We are a company dedicated to the electronic security industry, we provide our customers the best professional technical advice, the best design tailored to your...

Detectives Privados Magnum

Private Detectives We offer magnum behavior of people with photo and video infidelities.

Mobile spy, telephone recordings, microphones vehicles, internet key, history, biographies phones, financial statements, exits and entrances of the More...
kr 56a # 13e 89 oficina 201 barrio primero de mayo - Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Detectives Privados del Peru

Investigations, conjugal, generally enterprise, and another absolute reserve, judicial tests, filamaciones, photos.
Ayacucho 920 Of.02 - Jaén - Peru