Furs in Latin America

We are direct manufacturers of all types of rugs atrapamugre, slip pulicitarios tickets, buildings, shops, cars, institutional.

Fábrica Nacional de Tapetes

We are direct manufacturers of all types of rugs atrapamugre, slip pulicitarios Tickets, buildings, shops, cars, institutional.
- Manizales - Caldas - Colombia

Betty Perez de Vinelli

- San Miguel - Lima - Peru

Leathers and hides in América Latina
Talabarteria Eskeria: Wide range of country clothing men, women, youth and children, accessories from wallets to regional ornaments. ...

Suministros Industriales R & M - Qlyque.com
Industrial footwear manufacturers, distributors of brands such as arseg, 3m, croydon zubi-wave and more, is quoted to us ...

Peleteria - Atelier Solares

Rua Dos Coqueiros, 186 - Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil

Comercializadora Camel

Marketing material for footwear, leather goods and saddlery.
Av. 9 no. 9-17 barrio el llano - Cúcuta - Norte de Santander - Colombia

Peleteria Miguel Miguel

The company distributes not only retail but wholesale fabrics for furniture, bags, leather goods and everything related to the making of backpacks.
Pasaje Montalvo # 316 Bo. el centro, san salvador - San Salvador - El Salvador

Shoe stores in América Latina
Have selling clothing, shoes, handbags, womens acessorios and makeup ...

Pieles Reparación

Changes or arrangements lining garments High fur.
Repair cracks in any skin type.
Changes zippers, snaps, buttons skin.
Combinations of mink, fox, nutria, chinchilla or thin skin between them, and More...
- San Miguel - Lima - Peru


Company dedicated to the production of head of cattle skins tranformacion in wet blue of all the regions of Ecuador with high volumes
Km 9 Via Duran Tambo - La Troncal - Cañar - Ecuador
Rpte: zandro paredes

Teneria Acosta

Small business dedicated to the elaboration of bait pork, beef, pig skin lining.
- León - Guanajuato - Mexico

Confección y moda en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Somos fabricantes de ropa infantil para bebes, niños y niñas. Trabajamos por colecciones únicas de nuestra marca Mi Chiquitín y la marca juvenil Cereza. Vendemos...

Transmision de Potencia

Sell ??chains rattle and renold arnold, sprockets, gearboxes, motors, pulleys.
calle 75b#20-170 - Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Philamex SA de CV

painting manufacturer for skin and plastic, skinner, saddler and hardware dealer are used in the branch.
Carlos Rousseau #205
Fracc. ind. el Milagro - Apodaca - Nuevo León - Mexico