Gardening: machinery and equipment in Latin America

Specially dedicated to government supply of various items. Like cultivators, becoming dehydrated machines, rice mills.

Señor Bolaños Ventasy Servicios

Specially dedicated to government supply of various items. like cultivators, becoming dehydrated machines, rice mills.
Brisas del Golf Calle 47 casa 418J - Panamá - Panama

Carsalsi Maquinarias EIRL

We are dedicated to the sale of machines for different industries, agriculture, construction, landscaping, forestry, forestry, metal mechanics.
Exclusive distributors in the Husqvarna brand, manufacturer of chainsaws, mowers, trimmers, etc..
Av. Jose Galvez N° 798 - Chimbote - Peru

Gardening services in América Latina
We are dedicated to maintain and care for parks and gardens service fulfilling d irrigation pruning pool cleaning and maintenance work to buildings, farms, chalets...


We are a company with extensive experience in the field of maintenance landscaping lawn sales and supplies for gardening equipment rental and repair design and monthly maintenance service to domestic More...
punta negtra 148 - San Isidro - Lima - Peru

Dilone Landscaping

pr 867. Esquina clle Universe Toaville Toa Baja Puerto 00949 - Ingenio - Toa Baja - Puerto Rico

Jardineria Trebol

Landscaping company and services, matención are made, creation, pruning and spraying of gardens
Parque Japones Cala Cala No. 448 - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Gardening materials and accessories in América Latina
We are a small business established to encourage and promote the need to encourage environmental awareness in the population through the beautification of green spaces...

Blackboards in América Latina
Acrylic slate factory...

Euronova Agro import

- Santo Domingo - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Jardineria La Planta Azul

Pruning land Limpeza maintenance of green areas.
- San Nicolás de los Garza - Nuevo León - Mexico