Gaskets and joints in Latin America

Industrial hoses air hoses and / or water with canvas (s). air hoses and / or water with steel mesh ½ ", ¾", 1 ",.

Enterprise Belts International SAC.

industrial hoses
Air hoses and / or water with canvas (s).
Air hoses and / or water with steel mesh ½ ", ¾", 1 ", 1 ½, 2".
Suction hoses water discharge: 1 ½ "to 8".
Sanitary hose pair pass food, milk, wine, blancmange.
Sandblasting hoses ¾ "to 3".
Steam hoses ½ "to 2".
Concrete hoses 2 "and 3".
Air hoses emptied.
Flat hoses for water discharge.
PVC gas hoses, More...
Calle Temis Mz t-39 Urbanizacion Olimpo - Ate - Lima - Peru

General Supplier EIRL

Sales of Vseals packing, braided cord, fiber glass bathed with resin.
Plate packing mark Victor Reinz.
Empaqueataduras semimetallic gasket Ing.
Moons visoras and tubes of level, isolation of micanita according to plane.
Urbanizacion San Isidro Mz. U Lote 30 - Trujillo - Peru

Conveyor belts and rollers in América Latina
Transporting strips, Mining, Industry, Canvases, etc....

Cowiza SAC

The company cowiza counts on but of 30 years of experience in the branch which is endorsed by the company celim. one dedicates to fabricaci?n and sale of: - packing: More...
Av. Calca N° 290 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Representaciones Varig E.I.R.L.

We are direct importers asbestos sheet gaskets and synthetic cords asbestos, fiberglass, ceramic fiber, Teflon, Teflon, graphite, synthetic rubber plates pure and canvas fabrics, asbestos and fiberglass, vitorite, mechanical seals.
Jr. Josè Domingo Choquehuanca # 453 Of. 206 - Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Indutex SA

White, grafitados and teflonados cords of asbestos
Calle Córpac 593 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Mangueras en los Estados Unidos -
- Mangueras de succión y descarga de relaves de minerales. - Mangueras hidraúlicas de alta, mediana, baja presión - Mangueras industriales: oxigeno, acetileno, agua, aceite,...


Distributor of equipment and spare parts indutriales.
17 calle 6-34 zona 11 mariscal - Fuerte Olimpo - Alto Paraguay - Paraguay

Dorich & Watkin SA

Purchase and sale of packing
Atahualpa 158 - Barranco - Lima - Peru

Eestudio Aduanero y Notarial

Customs Clearance import export trade advisory vehicle registration records notarial authentications mortgages .
ruta 1 km 14 y medio casi felice - San Lorenzo - Central - Paraguay

Engineering: Articles in América Latina
Sales and advice in industrial ventilation and heat extraction, smoke, fumes, dust, humidity. ...

Construction companies in América Latina
Flat civil constructions and projects. Constructions of work. Industrial and rural civil constructions. Industrial and rural civil constructions. Gas networks of. Industrial assemblies. Perforations companies....

HyN Empaquetaduras e Importaciones SAC

Import, manufacture and marketing of industrial supplies: thermoplastics, thermal and acoustic insulation, rubber, gaskets, etc.
Jr Ramon Carcamo 543-547, Cercado de Lima - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Ricardo Yzaguirre Castillo

Inter Rapidisimo

It is a company of turns and charges .
kra 14a # 2 - 63 lorica cordoba - Santa Fe - Bogotá - Colombia