Geosynthetics in Latin America

Provision and installation and repair of geosinteticos and termofusion hdpe pvc.

IMG Arotoma SAC

Provision and installation and repair of geosinteticos and termofusion hdpe pvc.
Calle Acuario Mz. V Lt 28a - Ate - Lima - Peru

Cansermin E.I.R.L

We have modern digital equipment and highly trained staff who create, optimize and apply the best technologies for the immediate solution of their problems contribute.
Calle Bernardo Alcedo #119 Urb. 13 de enero Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero
Rpte: Claudio Raul Peredo Jara

Engineering projects in América Latina
Projects, design, fabrication, assembly, structural maintenance, electromechanical, electrical and civil works complentarias, techoa metal, vehicle and pedestrian bridges, tanks and metal structural stationary. ...

Gas: equipment and supplies in América Latina
Fabr. and sale of accessories for gas...


Engineering in Geosinteticos, Geoweb, geogrids, gabions, geotextiles, Hydroseeding, Geomembrane, Vertical Gardens, Geocontainer, Fenders Riparian Control drop stones.
Av. Javier Prado Este 3569 - San Borja - Lima - Peru

Tecsagro Peru

Companies specializing in project execution and delivery of agricultural equipment, livestock, forestry, landscaping, for the responsible use of water with respect and environmental protection.
cal. noruega nro. 125 Urb. portales de javier prado - Ate - Lima - Peru

Primac Ltda.

installation and provisions of geomembranas and geosinteticos, geotextiles, inserted, polylock, you bar agriculturists. sanitary fillings, garbage dumps, coverings of channels.
Calle Renca 2203 - Santiago - Chile

Mourisco Comercio Imp. Exp. Ltda -
- Wholesale sales of mineral products pra Agriculture (Boro) - Representations and sale of coffee beans in nature (not toasted) ...

Mining equipment and supplies in América Latina
Medellin, trusses, studs, sections of scaffolding, telescopic struts and metal stud construction, buy quality, service, warranty, equipment for construction in our experience makes us one...


On sale dedicated and installation of biodigestores for the tratamineto of you excrete and to turn them into biogas. Biogas for combustible gas production of you excrete animal.
Sells and installs More...
Urb- M. Caceres Mz E3 Lt 2 - Arequipa - Peru
Rpte: Juan Mejía