Glues and adhesives in Latin America

Anker ecuador, dedicated to importing, marketing and sale of epoxies post installed anchors. Representatives for ecuador red head brand and its line epcon g5 and epcon c6 + .

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Anker Ecuador

Anker Ecuador Anker Ecuador, dedicated to importing, marketing and sale of epoxies post installed anchors. Representatives for Ecuador Red Head brand and its line EPCON G5 And EPCON C6 +
Shuaras OE4-85 y Manuel Serrano - Cotocollao - Quito - Ecuador

Fortex S.R.L.

Adhesives. Vinilicos adhesives. Tails. Hot tails for carpenters. Synthetic tails. Parquet articles. Resins. Sealants.
Calle 29 Narrio 2223 - Villa Maipu - Maipú 1650 - Prov. de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Power tools in América Latina
Rentadora of tools for home, bricolage, hobby and other tasks sale of folding doors, ceilings and floors, partitions in PVC (various models, colors, sizes) foam...

Hometek S.A.C. -
Marketing materials for drywall Drywall sistem. Acoustic ceilings (mineral fiber tile). We offer variety of brands. ...

Forben Ferreteria Industrial S.C.A.

Abrasives. Made shine like diamonds abrasives. Adhesives. Bolts. Stainless steel bolts. Padlocks. Wheelbarrows. Compressors. Constructions machines generally. Strap. Discs for roughdressing and cut. Electrodes. Hardware generally. Industrial hardware. Hardware articles. More...
Saavedra 4151 - Ciudadela - Tres de Febrero 1702 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Duran S.A.

Adhesives. Footwear articles stops. Footwear ointment. Leathers articles. Tanneries articles. Inks for footwear. Inks for leathers.
Diagonal 31 Narrio 2759 - Villa Zagala B1651BWC - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Dolinsky S.A.

Adhesives. Vinilicos adhesives. Sticky synthetic cements. Decorative plastic laminates. Agglomerate wood. Had agglomerate wood. Wood generally. Machimbradas wood. Encofrados wood for. Wood for ceilings. Slanting wood. Wood deposits. Wood moldings. More...
Mr. Zaspe Esq. San Jose - Santa Fe - La Capital 3000 - Santa Fe - Argentina

International trade in América Latina
Our company established sc em canasvieiras Florianopolis Brazil. ...

Chemical industry in América Latina
PHCHEM CO., LTD. can supply inorganic salts like potassium, calcium, sodium products, water treatment agent, Pivaloyl chloride, lithopone, N-pentane, hexane, isopentane, isobutane, propane, DSD Acid,...

Resol S.A.

Adhesives. Vinilicos adhesives. Lacquers. Paintings to the water. Anticorrosive paints. Asphalt paintings. Paintings of fronts. Polyurethane paintings. Paintings of water tanks. Dust paintings. Epoxicas paintings. Special paintings. Impermeable paintings. Industrial More...
Ruta Nac. 19 Km. 38 - Santo Tome - La Capital 3016 - Santa Fe - Argentina

Peru Produce y Exporta SAC

We are manufacturers of glue and forges for mayolica, as well as white glue for porcelanato, flexible white glue, etc under the Dechemar mark
Jr. Sodio 170 - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru

Wepel S.R.L.

Adhesivos, producción
Manuel Alberto Laprida 3278 - San Isidro B1642FTN - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Chemotecnica S.A.

Presbitero Juan G. Gonzalez y Aragon Narrio 207 - Carlos Spegazzini - Ezeiza 1813 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Chaney S.A.

Abrasives. Adhesives. Sticky synthetic cements. Steel cables. Chains. Compressors. Strap. Electrodes. Industrial hardware. Tools of cut. Electrical tools. Electrical motors. Pulleys. Bearings. Bearings to needles. Wheels.
Ruta 9 - Km. 49500 - Escobar 1625 - Prov. de Buenos Aires - Argentina