Gyms: equipment in Latin America

Gold gym marks peruvian offering to quality and satisfaction our clients. Equipping its gymnasium with the machines gold gym offers a modern and exclusive touch him to the gymnasium area.

Gold Gym

Gold gym marks Peruvian offering to quality and satisfaction our clients. Equipping its gymnasium with the machines gold gym offers a modern and exclusive touch him to the gymnasium area.
- Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

Cubano´s Gym

Weights and machines, aerobic, taebo, dance, karate, self-defense, sauna, massages.
Jr. Los Pinos 256 - Cajamarca - Peru

Gyms and aerobics in América Latina
Aerobic and fitness, dances, aerodance, fullbody, xtreme-d, personnel training, spinning, culturismo, medical department, plan of customized nutrition, spa, saloon, manicure, pedicure, vitamins and supplements, deprived...

Equipos médicos: venta en los Estados Unidos -
Somos una empresa con 8 años de experiencia en el mercado nuestra linea principal son los equipos generadores de oxigeno y equipos para terapia respiratoria...

Gold Gym Fitness

Brands Peruvian providing quality and customer satisfaction.

The equip your gym with machines gym gold & active life gives you a modern and unique to the gymnasium area.
Av. Separadora Industrial Cdra. 15 Mz. N1, Lote 17 - Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

Equipamientos Active Life

Sale of machines Active Life
Everything in implementation for gyms, imported professionals, benches, accessories and more muscle machines.
Imported equipment for gyms areas:
Bodybuilding equipment, cardivaculares equipment, benches, accessories and spare parts.

We provide More...
Av Tomás Marsano 4640 - Surco - Lima - Peru

Innova fitness company S.A.C.

Here you will find fitness and cardio machines, domestic over international standards and biomechanics and functionality that makes beautiful and durable equipment such as spinning, elliptical, and hundreds of products More...
Mz. D2 lt. 1, parque industrial villa el salvador - Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

Scientific instruments in América Latina
A company llanera producer and marketer of laboratory for education, developed with proprietary technology, excellent quality and designed in accordance with the needs of our...

Camas de Pilates

Pilates reformer beds made of solid wood finishes calc with rounded edges, polished and lacquered armed entirely without visible screws with chromed steel fittings like their guides 2mm on walking More...
- Villa Morra - Asunción - Paraguay


Sale of aesthetic medical equipment, cavitation, radiofrequency, laser split, medical laser, ipl, and more.
6ta avenida 14-77 zona 10 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Taurus Fitness Company

We are a company leader in the manufacture and import of equipment for gymnasiums (machines of force, bicycles spinning, discs, I sweep and accessories for the manufacture of machines)
We sell More...
Cdla Comegua Mz B SL 13 - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

International trade in América Latina
Company selling wholesale products fashion Food precooked Air conditioners low power renewable energies ...

Reparacion de Caminadoras, Elipticas

Repair at home or gym, treadmills, elliptical (took workshop if the occasion requires it and you authorize us), any cardio machine, especially in maintenance. Stock of spare parts.
Panama - San Miguelito - Panamá - Panama
Rpte: Ariel Alonzo