Industrial cleaning products in Latin America

Company dedicated to various services, such as telecommunications, electricity, construction and industrial cleaning work is done throughout the republic of guatemala and beyond.

Grupo Freydell

Company dedicated to various services, such as telecommunications, electricity, construction and industrial cleaning work is done throughout the republic of Guatemala and beyond.
2a. avenida 30.37, zona 12, colonia El Carmen - Guatemala - Guatemala


Maintenance of offices condominiums tanks .
- Mejía - Pichincha - Ecuador

Cleaning products in América Latina
Company dedicated to the development and distribution of materials for cleaning, such as dishwasher, liquid and paste, liquid detergents, bleaches, quitazarro, domestic, perfuming acid, waxes,...

Chemical products in América Latina
Chemical and fertilizing installments. Acids. Agro-chemical. Oxygenated waters. Articles for cleaning. Sulphur. Sodium benzoate. Borax. Virgin wax. Chlorine. Ferrous chloride. Colouring. Cosmetic raw materials. Cosmetic...


Company focused to the application of chemical products for the waste water treatment as well as the sale and application of maintenance products and cleaning.
Francisco Villa no 49
Col. San Juan Bosco
c.p. 76805 - San Juan del Río - Querétaro - Mexico


Company dedicated by but of ten years to the industrial washing of carpets, furniture and curtains. We use industrial machinery and to get the stains out of to steam, we More...
Calle 144-50-53 - Suba - Bogotá - Colombia

Usibrilhe industria e comercio Ltda.

Rua Julio Marmile 1032
Jardim Eden - Nova Odessa - São Paulo - Brazil

Escobas y escobillas en los Estados Unidos -
Fabricacion y reparacion de escobillas para todo tipo de industria en general textiles, calderos agroindustria, molinos etc. Trabajos en 24 horas....

Machinery in América Latina
Generators and generator sets. Sale, repair, maintenance and accessories....

Branif Peru SAC

Manufacturing chemical product company for industrial cleaning, desengrasantes, coolants, disincrustants, fillings of ceramics, transforming of oxides.
Av. Placido Jimenez 997 Cercado Lima - Lima - Peru
Calle Marcial Acharan 521 Urb. Las Quintanas Trujillo

Digitech EIRL

We are a created company to give the services of publicity positioning, cleaning and maintenance of advertising structures, logo, signboards, you go and all class of advertising structures.
In its division More...
Juan Ciglievan 1001 of 202 - Chiclayo - Peru

Branif Peru SAC.

Attached catalogue where you will find: - Reliable ecological dielectric-Desengrasantes and biodegradable-Transforming de oxide-Sticky Loctite-Trabadores Loctite-Antiseize 2000 (Greasy antiagarrotante) - Greasy ecological-Removedor of oxide. - Clean Cream hands steel-Epoxicos Anti-abrasive More...
Av. Tacna 411 oficina 62 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Sr. Victor Carbajal Crisostomo

Chemical industry in América Latina
Polythene foam for the industry and the commerce. In different densidades and forms. Elaboration of special designs to each requirement....

LG Cepillos Industriales

Manufacture and repair of industrial brushes for textile industry, agribusiness, steel, ceramics, graphic, chemical, laboratories, mills, breweries and others.
Jr. La Verónica 444 Urb. Santa Isabel - Carabayllo - Lima - Peru

Compañia F&M Distribuciones del sur S.A.C.

Jr. Calca h-4 Urb. Progreso - Wanchaq - Cusco - Peru

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