Industrial electronics in Latin America

Sales of industrial electrical materials, home business and wholesale and retail.

Electrolineas SRL

Sales of industrial electrical materials, home business and wholesale and retail.
Av. Castelli 235 Resistencia - San Fernando - Chaco - Argentina

Sealcode Peru SAC

We offer to solutions in codification and industrial automatization.
Calle los Nogales 304. Urb. Santa Rosa de Quives Santa Anita. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Cesar Figueroa

Electronics industry in América Latina
Import and export of industrial electronic components like by ejplo industry, miner, oil, telecommunication, Air Force and naval aviation and other institutions....

Electronics in América Latina
Solar energy equipments aquecimento water and Eletrica produção of synergy....

Global Action Eletrônica

A global action em eletrônica é specialized components Evenden Eletrônicos em geral, Achaman difficult component tout (ou novo obsolete).
linha sell any of: integrated circuit, microcontroller, process, diode, transistor, MOSFET, FET, More...
Rua São João 438
São Paulo - Brasil - São Paulo - Brazil

Handel Welt

It is a company that commercializes a complete line of imported electrical equipment of the most competitive manufacturers at international level, as they are: abb, autonics, camsco, to guter to More...
Calle F. Roosevelt Nº 385 Of 401 - - Lima - Peru

Controles Digitales S.A.C.

Sale, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment, like rotating meetings, control of tension of coils, aligners of band, variadores of speed, axes, chucks of security, thermal relays, cocking mechanisms, PLCs, More...
Oficina Lima: Av. Circunvalacion 2494, 4º Piso. - San Luis - Lima - Peru

Industrial electricity in América Latina
Business group dedicated to supplying industrial electrical materials for hazardous areas and production areas EXPLOSION standars. ...

American Chillers SA de CV

We manufacture cooling systems for blowing machines, plastic injection molds and dies, extruders, maquiladoras of metallurgical and chemical processes.
Shipping to any port in Central America from Mexico is totally free More...
Ramon Corona 645-b, Col. Santa Anita. - Tlaquepaque - Jalisco - Mexico
Rpte: David Eduardo López Espinoza


Selco is dedicated to design, supply, project implementation monitoring, automation, control and power saving.
- Panamá - Panama

DF Electronica Rocio

Linear circuits, transistors, diodes, mosfets, condensers, batteries, button sellers, microswitch, cleps, and respuestos pairs and pieces electronic industrialists generally.
Jr. Montevideo No 999 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Doris Nuñez Huamanculi

Consumer electronics in América Latina
Supplier of electrical materials and implementos of security rent of equipment maintenances of stations and hardware generally....

Mantenimiento industrial en los Estados Unidos -
Mantenimientos, reformas, electricidad, pinturas en gral, sanitaria, herreria blanca contrucciones en gral....


Cuero y Caicedo y Toribio Montes - Benalcázar - Quito - Ecuador

Automatizacion y Construcciones Inteligentes

In intelligent automatization and constructions, we dedicated ourselves to implement systems of industrial automatization in line of production, control systems and to make modernizations of machinery with command teams of More...
Lago Chapala 79, Cumbres del Lago. Juriquilla
CP 76230 - Querétaro - Mexico
Rpte: Jesus Ortiz