Industrial measuring devices in Latin America

Sales of industrial electrical materials, home business and wholesale and retail.

Electrolineas SRL

Sales of industrial electrical materials, home business and wholesale and retail.
Av. Castelli 235 Resistencia - San Fernando - Chaco - Argentina

F & C Industrias S.R.L.

Pressure gauges, thermometers, balance of died weight, calipers of pressure, thermocouples, valve solenoids.
Av. La Marina, 1158 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Measurement and control: instruments in América Latina
Control and measuring instruments. Timers....

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.


A trading company, established on a? Or 2001, to meet the needs of measuring instruments and control of mining and industrial region of Antofagasta.

We currently have headquarters in the More...
Armando Moock 47 - Antofagasta - Chile

Sanico S.A.

Instrumentos de medicion y control.
Av. Belgrano 990 4 - Capital Federal 1092 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Ph Electronica S.A.

Control and measuring instruments
Mariano Moreno 615 - Capital Federal C1091AAM - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Laboratory equipment in América Latina
Borescopes selling small steps. ...

Resistencias eléctricas en los Estados Unidos -
Resistencias para uso industrial y laboratorios. Bancos de carga....

Novasen S.A.

Flow-meters. Analytical instruments and of control. Ultrasonic measuring instruments for thicknesses and fissures. Control and measuring instruments. Control and measuring instruments boards. Measuring instruments certification and calibration. Measuring instruments test More...
9 de Julio 618 - Campana 2804 - Prov. de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Weisz Instrumentos S.A.

Cables. Electronica circuitos integrados. Electronica componentes electronicos. Instrumentos de medicion y control. Manometros. Medidores de nivel. Medidores para fluido. Medidores para liquidos. Medidores para temperatura.
Oliden 2540 - Lanus O. - Lanús 1824 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina


Cotibol is a supplier of inputs for industry. His clients are active throughout Bolivia.

Related to the plastics industry. Also covers other industries.
Canal Cotoca y 3er. anillo int. - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Industrial electronics in América Latina
A global action em eletrônica é specialized components Evenden Eletrônicos em geral, Achaman difficult component tout (ou novo obsolete). linha sell any of: integrated circuit,...

Computer assisted design in América Latina
Importers and factory representatives cutting plotters. ...

Geosistemas S.R.L.

Control and measuring instruments. Topography apparatuses and instruments.
Venezuela 676 - Capital Federal 1095 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Automatizacion Industrial S.R.L.

Control and measuring instruments. Timers.
Garcia de Cossio 5647 - Capital Federal 1408 - Buenos Aires - Argentina