Industrial safety in Latin America

We are a company certified manufacturer, distributor and marketer with 18 years of experience in the market in the industrial and institutional sector basis in three.

P&S Quality EIRL

P&S Quality EIRL We are a company certified manufacturer, distributor and marketer with 18 years of experience in the market in the industrial and institutional sector basis in three divisions to give immediate response:
* Line of own products deep cleaning and effective disinfection such as cleaners, strippers, destroyers, detergents, degreasers, soap, disinfectants, insecticides, waxes and others.
Brands: P & S Quality, Mr Shine, More...
Av. Los Platinos N° 130 Urb. Ind. Infantas Los Olivos Lima- Lima - Lima - Peru


SAIN PERU SAC Supplier, Sale of PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, Garment and footwear and Industrial Safety, 3M authorized distributor, MSA, Clute, Delta PLus, Galaxy, Haws, ERB, Bompel, steelpro, protective equipment Head, Hearing, Respiratory Visual, Hand, Foot Body, for work at height.
URB. SAN HILARION - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Elizabeth Vasquez

Industrial safety: articles in América Latina
Offering a high range of occupational health and safety such as masks, gloves , boots, hearing and eye protection , nursery bag , transparent garbage...

Fire extinguishers in América Latina
1. We have over 30 years experience in fire protection, actively following the Peruvian NTP technical standards and recommendations of the US NFP and the...

R&S Enterprise

R&S Enterprise Sale of alcohol breath tester, emergency lights, police lights, preventive truck lights, poles, wedges for trucks, traffic lights, road safety, road signage, metal defense, traffic paint, architectural paint.
Residencial Satelite de Asososca No 8. Carretera Nueva a Leon km 9, 8, Managua - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Ruben Romero

MASC Corporación SAC

We are manufacturer, distributor and marketer in providing solutions in the areas of industrial safety, health, first aid and general services

As such.

* Tools anti spark material aluminum, bronze and polyethylene shovels, pickaxes, sledgehammers, chisels, crowbars, rakes, spatulas and others.

* Eyewash bottles, workstations, laptops, and showers

 Eyewash bottles of 8 oz, 500 ml, 1000 ml

 Stations simple bottles 1 bot, 2 double bot., More...
calle Juan Hevia N° 2946 SMP - Lima- Lima - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru

Security in América Latina
It detects the Intruder Before this enters its property! (r) (c). Specialists in Peripheral Security for EXTERIORS/INCLEMENCY. We provide products, design, installation, maintenance and audit...

Organización Seguriconsult, C.A.

Organización Seguriconsult, C.A. Consultants risk management and safety. HSE training services (industrial safety, environment, occupational hygiene).
Av. Sur 4, Esq. Glorieta, Edif. Don Germán PH #3
Caracas, - Santa Teresa - Caracas - Venezuela

SOES Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional El Salvador

SOES Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional El Salvador Management company specializing in health and safety in El Salvador and Central America. Offering: consultancies, training, consulting, audits, risk analysis and human infrastructure, medical services, emergency services; clinical services, dental laboratory. We have staff specializing in industrial safety and occupational medical engineering. pre Occupational medical program, occupational exams and others.

We want to be your first choice in health and safety.

SOES More...
Colonia Miramonte Avenida Bernal # 306 san Salvador El Salvador - Mejicanos - San Salvador - El Salvador

Strongflex Hydraulic House

88 huai an west road, shijaizhuang, china - Cruces - Cienfuegos - Cuba

Engineering consulting in América Latina
Engineer with solid experience in water studies and saneamineto, highways, construction. Advising and supervision ground works, study with laying of foundations aims. Within the services...

Disermil -
We are an apparel and uniforms, personal protective equipment (PPE) and footwear in general, for industrial, commercial, agricultural exports etc. ...

Blindajes Isbi Colombia

Armoring company, armoring and maintenance on all types of vehicles, we make our own ballistic glass. Certified Bullet Proof vests and body armor level IIIA.
Kr. 26 No. 23A30 - Los Mártires - Bogotá - Colombia
Rpte: John Murphy


We are engaged in the purchase and sale of personal protective equipment (masks, lens, helmets, gloves, boots) etc.
col. san jose de las vegas calle principal - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras