Industrial safety: articles in Latin America

Sale of alcohol breath tester, emergency lights, police lights, preventive truck lights, poles, wedges for trucks, traffic lights, road safety, road signage, metal defense, traffic paint,.

R&S Enterprise

R&S Enterprise Sale of alcohol breath tester, emergency lights, police lights, preventive truck lights, poles, wedges for trucks, traffic lights, road safety, road signage, metal defense, traffic paint, architectural paint.
Residencial Satelite de Asososca No 8. Carretera Nueva a Leon km 9, 8, Managua - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Ruben Romero

Albeco Peru

Albeco Peru INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY SOLUTIONS in for COMPANIES of FOOTWEAR, LEATHER GOODS, PURSES, BAGS and Others. SELL 100% Custom Machinery (SOLUTIONS FOR YOU) Benefitting from 1959 to all our customers with the BEST MACHINE WORLD at Lowest Price.

We are Exclusive Representative in Peru and South of the Prestigious International Marks STUTTGART, HARFORT, GAMBARUTI and ALBECO.

We also have a Full Stock of spare More...
Jr. Carhuaz 425, Breña. Lima - Perú.
(Referencia: a la vuelta del supermercado Metro y del partido Aprista Peruano de la Av. Alfonso Ugarte en Lima ) - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Don Alfredo Benitez

Industrial safety in América Latina
Occupational risk prevention, management systems, training, safe work procedures, monitoring, and safety plans, risk assessment, preparation of risk matrix, etc. ...

P&S Quality EIRL

P&S Quality EIRL We are a company certified manufacturer, distributor and marketer with 18 years of experience in the market in the industrial and institutional sector basis in three divisions to give immediate response:
* Line of own products deep cleaning and effective disinfection such as cleaners, strippers, destroyers, detergents, degreasers, soap, disinfectants, insecticides, waxes and others.
Brands: P & S Quality, Mr Shine, More...
Av. Los Platinos N° 130 Urb. Ind. Infantas Los Olivos Lima- Lima - Lima - Peru

ZC Guantes y Seguridad Industrial

We tailoring industrial leather gloves in several models of quality plus and our measures of lengths from 9 "to 18" inches.; models: engineer, tractor, mixed (simple, ref. paresttial ref.interior, full yellow (simple, refuezo partial, mixed yellow and welder denim petrolero. Uso model (mangas, boots, aprons, jacket and pants, hood, (pvc apron nac)) our quality leather is chrome (sides) More...
Av. Perú 1169-A 2do. Piso Urb. Huaquillay De Lima Norte-Lima 07 - Comas - Lima - Peru
Rpte: ZC 3M Arseg Protex Ansell Spro usafety Gloria


SAIN PERU SAC Supplier, Sale of PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, Garment and footwear and Industrial Safety, 3M authorized distributor, MSA, Clute, Delta PLus, Galaxy, Haws, ERB, Bompel, steelpro, protective equipment Head, Hearing, Respiratory Visual, Hand, Foot Body, for work at height.
URB. SAN HILARION - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Elizabeth Vasquez

Fire extinguishers in América Latina
We offer sale and it recharges of all type and it marks national and imported extinguishers. We count on 13 years in the market....

Siapo - Ropa Industrial -
We are dedicated to the sale and manufacturing of workwear and protective material. we offer our experience and the proven quality of our products to...

Ferreteria Ind. Rodrigo

Safety equipment and supplies industrial ripstop waterproof clothing, harnesses, sunglasses, goggles, boots, booties industrial security seals, security cameras.

Industrial Tools, Bahco, ridgid, sata, Tramontina, Truper

Turning inputs dishes a lathe, drill bits, More...
Calle Hnos. Santa Cruz Nº 200
zona feria 16 de Julio - El Alto - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Confecciones Carmen Rosa

Manufacturers of industrial clothes - you uniform-mandiles - covers - mamelucos - vests - neoprenes - shirts - trousers - capotines - neckties - chompas - caps - preparation are More...
Jr. Las Lomas - Sullana - Peru

Castiven S.R.L.

Installation and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems against fire, theft, hydropneumatic system, emergency lighting, emergency exit signs, electric fences, security cameras and access control.
Av. 1, Sector 2, Casa #77, Las Mercedes - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Garmendia Bolia Seguridad Industrial

It offers by major and minor personal protection of head, sight, hand, feet, body and respiratory etc.
Av. Montes 670 - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Seven Reles

We manufacture Automação devices.
R: Alagoas, 567 - Garça - São Paulo - Brazil