Irrigation technology in Latin America

We are a company with advanced technology, quality materials and professional experts in the implementation of drip irrigation systems, sprinkler, micro, fogging and the sale and.

Inversiones & Servicios Generales JJ S.A.C.

Inversiones & Servicios Generales JJ S.A.C. We are a company with advanced technology, quality materials and professional experts in the implementation of drip irrigation systems, sprinkler, micro, fogging and the sale and repair of machinery agroforestry (chainsaws, lawn height, sprayers, etc). Worrying about the project development from design and implementation and ongoing technical support delivery
Av. America Sur 1530 - Urb Chicago - Trujillo - Peru

Exploraciones San Miguel Arcángel SAC.

Drilling boreholes and wells maintenance and installation of all types of electronic systems for drinking water and irrigation
Ac. Panamericana 486 Llave Puno.
El collao - Puno - Peru

Pumps in América Latina
Diaphragm pumps. Tyre diaphragm pumps. Pumps for mud. Pumps for cremeria. Pumps for empty of drums. Pumps for oil. Pumps chemical products....

Well drilling and maintenance in América Latina
Drilling Services and artisans tubular electric installation, submersible pumps, vertical pumps and maintenance of wells nationwide wells. ...

Tecsagro E.I.R.L.

We are a company dedicated to the irrigation technified with ample experience in the heading and on great trajectory in this field we counted on professional people net dedicated to More...
Calle Noruega 125 Urb. Los Portales II etapa - Barranca - Lima - Peru


Systems and equipment for irrigation technology. Lines drip, sprinkler and micro-of NaanDanJain (Israel) brand with national distribution for a wide range of crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, fruit
Calle Macario Pinilla #242 - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia


Aspersion, Dripping, Inclines, Guns
Arbutardas 215 - Santa Anita - Lima - Peru

Products for agriculture in América Latina
Commercial lines: SEEDS Products I. seeds: grasses for temperate to cold weather and warm weather, Rye grass Italian, English, hybrid, perennial, Brachiarias SPP, among others. ...

Nicoll Peru SA

Manufacture and commercialization of tubes and accessories of PVC, polythene tubes. Commercialization of pumps for water and desague; systems of technified irrigation.
Jr. Republica del Ecuador 308 - Lima - Peru

Tecsagro Peru

Companies specializing in project execution and delivery of agricultural equipment, livestock, forestry, landscaping, for the responsible use of water with respect and environmental protection.
cal. noruega nro. 125 Urb. portales de javier prado - Ate - Lima - Peru

HD & JM Ingenieros SRL

We are a company dedicated to the commercialization of products and accessories of technified irrigation. We make metallic tripods for irrigation by aspersion. We commercialize polythene hoses of 16mm, 25mm, More...
Av. Las viñas Mz-a Lt-3 Puente Piedra - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Hebert Huamancoli Torres

Impacto ambiental en los Estados Unidos -
Es una empresa prestadora de servicios de calidad a nivel nacional, eficientes y con precios competitivos. Ofreciendo productos de alta calidad y confiabilidad, en los...

Hidroflo eu

- Drilling and maintenance of deep wells.
- Sales and installation of pumping equipment.
- Franklin Electric Submersible Motors brand.
- Automation and control panels.
- Irrigation by sprinkling and drip.
calle 13 No 5-42 ofic 207 cota - Sabana Occidente - Cundinamarca - Colombia

Riego y Soluciones E.I.R.L.

Installation of agricultural irrigation technology.
Sales and supply of equipment and accessories for irrigation technology.
Sales of:
PVC pipes
Manual and automatic filters
Irrigation hoses
Irrigation tapes
hydraulic valves
Ball valves
HDPE pipes
And much more..
Don Alberto-IRRIG. Sta. Rosa
Sayan - Huaura - Barranca - Huacho (centro) - Lima - Peru