Expansion joints in Latin America

Connections. Grain connections. Connections for trucks. connections small carts. rural connections. connections self-unloading hopper. small carts. metallic bodyworks. metallic bodyworks modifications and reforms. bodyworks repair. dump.

Industrias Gallo S.A.

Connections. Grain connections. Connections for trucks. Connections small carts. Rural connections. Connections self-unloading hopper. Small carts. Metallic bodyworks. Metallic bodyworks modifications and reforms. Bodyworks repair. Dump bodyworks. Hydraulic dump bodyworks.
Bartolome Mitre 655 - Las Varillas - San Justo 5940 - Córdoba - Argentina

Jjb Euromangueras, S.L.

Rubber hose manufacturers, composite, pvc, stainless, etc. Racores and you connect diverse expresses of sitemas. Fire-fighting material cabins, hoses, houses of outside, lances, etc.
Roble, 11 polg. san sebastian
28950-moraleja de enmedio - madrid - españa - Centro - Madrid - Spain

Speed reducers in América Latina
Motorcycle reducing, Motor Electrical...

Grupo shanoc S.A.

Only Representative in Peru, Sumitomo brand in line speed reducers and geared motors, couplings and Vulkan brand Ringfeder do brasil.
Calle Rene Descartes 345-349 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Julio O. Buzetti

Replaced connections. Automotive accessories and spare parts. Automotive autopartes printed. Automotive bodyworks component parts. Automotive replaced brakes. Automotive ironworks. Wheels. Industrial wheels.
Velez Sarsfield 6862 - Rosario 2000 - Santa Fe - Argentina

Metalurgica Rosarina de Fundicion S.R.L.

Replaced connections. Automotive axes for connections. Automotive axes. Automotive brakes. Automotive brakes to discs discs for brakes. Automotive accessory and replaced brakes. Automotive brakes bells. Iron smelting. Gray iron smelting. More...
Dr. Premoli 2587 - Rosario 2000 - Santa Fe - Argentina

Hoses in América Latina
industrial hoses Air hoses and / or water with canvas (s). Air hoses and / or water with steel mesh ½ ", ¾", 1 ",...

Mucasa Industrial Peru SAC - Qlyque.com
Import company dedicated wing of industrial chains and sprockets c45 c / thermal acoplamietosen all measures: omega, disco, falk, chain, and Terotex. - Asa-BS Standard...

Acotec S.A.

Elastic connections, gears, of grilla, laminae, backstops, reducers of speed, motoreductores, brakes.
Céspedes 2869 - Villa Adelina - (1607) C1416CTE - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rpte: Sergio Dubinsky

Representaciones acor S.A.C.

We are dedicated to the sale of hydraulic and industrial hoses, belts connections.
Calle santa mercedes MZ S1 LT 15A Urb Villa Marina - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Roberto Carlos Quispe Tolentino

Atlanta Metal Drill S.A.C.

The company this dedicated the rubos of: manufacture of metallic structures. - manufacture of hydraulic presses. - manufacture of caretillas. Maintenance industrial and mining. Cooling towers and thermal isolation, winch, More...
Av. Las Torres Mz.L Lt. 2 Tda. 33 - Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

International trade in América Latina
It is a company that makes online shopping brings electronics, clothes, clothing, spare parts and even cars. ...

Marcas Amaya y Amaya

Company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of industrial goods.
Av. La Toma no 5a-78 - Neiva - Huila - Colombia

Piotto Pedro y Piotto Sergio

Connections. Connections semitrailers. Connections small carts. Rural connections. Connections tanks. Automotive tyre suspension. Metallic bodyworks.
J.b. Justo 2162 - Villa Gobernador Galvez - Rosario S2124FMH - Santa Fe - Argentina