Lamps in Latin America

- prints up 4 microns (required by indecision). - prints sandblasted. - empavonadas sheets. - prints polarzadaspara offices, factories, etc...

Proteccion de Laminas de Seguridad

- Prints up 4 microns (required by indecision).

- Prints sandblasted.

- Empavonadas sheets.

- Prints polarzadaspara offices, factories, etc..
faucett y quilca residencial aeropuerto calle saturno 235. - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru

Decoservicios & Antiguedades EIRL

Maintenance gerneal manufacture and sale of crystal chandeliers and domestic and imported bronceria do portacopas manufacturing jobs, stairs, ashtrays, letters, bronze plaques etc, we restore all types of furniture in More...
- Lince - Lima - Peru

Lighting in América Latina
We are a group of entrepreneurs with specialized personnel dedicated to the field of electrical engineering with emphasis on electrical measurement, electrical wiring, lighting installation,...

Eurolighting S.A. (megafilm)

Special lamps, commercialization
Av.belgrano 2512 - Capital Federal C1096AAP - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Rustika Revolution

Rustika revolution is a company that manufactures rustic furniture finishes deko, currently operates a commercial showcase for our customers to see the quality of materials we use and buy the More...
Calle 127 B No 92 B 82 - Suba - Bogotá - Colombia

Pantallas Luz

We are engaged in manufacturing all kinds of screens for lamps and rebuild their screens if damaged, electrificamos any type of lamp, repair their lamps.
20 avenida 18-48 zona 10 Guatemala ciudad - Guatemala - Guatemala

Electric material in América Latina
JP FAMET SAC is a Peruvian company dedicated to the manufacture of cable trays, metal poles, strut rail, pull boxes and metal soportería. We are...

Aluvico -
Aluminum and glass yagua eat and sell building materials. ...

Los Cristales

Lamps and crystal chandeliers and bronze we better than new, we are professionals, highly qualified personnel, restore, modernize, and sell at ease and request.
Calle Doña Rosa 111 Esq. cdra 5 de la Av. Ayacucho Urb. Los Rosales - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Estrella Iluminaciones

We are a young company that imports and sale pro minor and major fixtures of all kinds for garden, fake sky outside, hall, kitchen, dining room, stairs, interior lighting and More...
Estrella - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia
Rpte: Rosario Calisaya y Digna Ticona

Worldwide Industries S.R.L.

Manufacture of lamps, bronze braquetes, spiders, repair and maintenance, but of 30 years of experience in illumination.
Also we made special designs and screens to measures.
Calle Victor Bazul 120 Santa Catalina - Lima - Peru

Electric conductors in América Latina
Manufacture and sale of electrical conductors....

Electricity and energy in América Latina
Electrical apparatus in medium and low voltage, civil works, electromechanical, architectural design, industrial electricity, residential electricity, plumbing, commercial electricity, electricity electromechanical services, construction of power...

Luminika, El Arte de la Luz

It is a company conformed by a group of enterprising and vanguardistas young people in the area of the art and the design, strengthened in innovating the product development able More...
callegón de artesanos y artistas plásticos,
al lado de hogares crea, local luminika. - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Arte Colonial La 190

Manufacturing lamps and floor lamps all colonial relationship with art and artistic welding.
cra 7 192 a 32 - Ciudad Bolívar - Bogotá - Colombia