Leathers and hides in Latin America

Fabrico casccos to police, motorcyclists serenasgo and fiberglass and the like tanbien everything related to leather goods articles or bio safety cuero.

Cascos Perú

Fabrico casccos to police, motorcyclists serenasgo and fiberglass and the like tanbien everything related to leather goods articles or bio safety cuero.y construktion or mining as gloves etc.
asociacion once de octubre mz A LT 9 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Talabarteria Eskeria, Casa de Campo

Talabarteria Eskeria: Wide range of country clothing men, women, youth and children, accessories from wallets to regional ornaments.
calle 13 nº4785 - Berazategui - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Handicrafts in América Latina
Company with but of 35 years spent to the design and preparation of leather purses of high quality, worked of artisan way....

Shoe factories in América Latina
We are a manufacturer and importer of epps, we are experts in industrial safety, we are available to quote what you might need in the...

Vigolsa Industria de Calzado

We manufacture all types of industrial footwear such as steel-toed boots, reinforced tip, dielectric, acrylic tip.

Direct contact with the manufacturer to so agree on prices and payment methods, to inform More...
Av. San Carlos Nro. 578 Urb. San Carlos - Comas - Lima - Peru

Talabarteria Chuy

For more than 75 years manufacturing and repairing all kinds of saddlery article
Espanha 189 Chuy Rocha. Traversal Mansana 38 entre Horacio Garcialagos y Culebras parque Solimar Canelones - Ciudad de la Costa - Canelones - Uruguay


Manufacture woodwork and embossed leather and furniture, clocks, frames, wallets, organizadoresde desk, pen holders, boxes, agendas, reminders for any occasion.
marañon # 175 - Trujillo - Peru

Furs in América Latina
We are direct manufacturers of all types of rugs atrapamugre, slip pulicitarios Tickets, buildings, shops, cars, institutional. ...

Publicity: articles in América Latina
Our company counts on several divisions of business. Merchandising, identification, promotional marketing, advertising graphic design, design Web, among others. We invited them to a to...

Piel Vanhelo

Company dedicated to the production of leather products under a concept of art, design and style., Originally developed by hand.
De la Curacao 185 vr al este Masaya Nicaragua - Masaya - Nicaragua

German Sotomayor

Managed horsemen ladies shoes, slippers, dyed leather jackets. Managed suitcases.
Jr. Cockrane 318 Callao - Lima - Peru


We are manufacturers of leather wallets agendas articles wallets card holder folders.
calle micaela bastidas 156 villa maria del triunfo - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Shoe stores in América Latina
We are a Peruvian company with much experience dedicated exclucivamente to the manufacture of accessories for the industry of the footwear, (clasps generally) all these...


Treinta y Tres 741 - Minas - Lavalleja - Uruguay

Artesanias en Pieles

We manufacture to order dies, purses belts bags, novelties, flanges, cylinder heads, percherines, belts, boots, stirrups, horse chairs, supplies for military stores, parapolicemen, government.
Calle Norte # 124 Dorado - Dorado - Puerto Rico