Lightning rods in Latin America

The only manufacturer in latin pdce arrester .

Sertec SRL

The only manufacturer in Latin PDCE arrester .
Avenida Gral. Santos c/18 de Julio Asunción - Paraguay - Managua - Nicaragua

Hnos Bravo Servicios Electricos

Asesosia Bridamos technique, residential and industrial electrical installations of low and medium voltage, contruccion well to land certificates. We have qualified staff.
Av. Revolucion 1270 collique Lima 07 - Comas - Lima - Peru

Engineering projects in América Latina
Dedicated to the subject of electricity in low and medium voltage ...

Electricidad Redes de Tierra y Pararrayos

Construction electrical high and low voltage electrical networks and lightning ground.
canton Duran km 6 1/2 autovia Duran Boliche - Durán - Guayas - Ecuador

Instalaciones Electricas en General

Electrical installations in medium and low tension , projects, correction of low power factor , illumination of buildings and monuments Historical , industrial maintenance to buildings and substations.
Calle 73 # 335 x 20 y 22 Colonia Azcorra Mérida, Yucatán, México - Yucatán - Mexico

Voltmacht, Pararrayos Zeus

Lightning rods and grounding system
Surge protection devices
Electric generators
Arsenales 1236 - San Lorenzo - Central - Paraguay

Electricians in América Latina
Electrical contractors and air conditioners. ...

Servicios Eléctricos Villavicencio

It is a company that performs work in: installation and maintenance of transformers, installation of electrical panels measuring construction of lines in medium and low voltage, changing crossarms, lightning arresters, More...
Calle Mandredo Cuellar # 338 Casi esq. Tarija (montero) - Santistevan - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

electricistas 24hs

electric service for businesses and industries. installation of lightning protection and protection against overvoltage. attention across the country. staff enrolled.
maipu 1864 vte.lopez - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rpte: martin olmos

Mozzoni Porta Argelec S.A.

Ammeters. Digital ammeters. Electrical devices with fluorescent tubes circular. Automation. Industrial automatization. Able trays. Borneras for electrical circuits. Button sellers for commando at a distance. Cables. Joint and accessory armored More...
Eva Peron (ex Cordoba) 4242 - Rosario 2002 - Santa Fe - Argentina