Machine tools in Latin America

Import, marketing and sales of equipment and measuring instruments.

Rehobot Desing

We manufacture kitchen, closets, dressers, libraries, commercial furniture, modern design, unique to your needs.
Cll 5 A No. 69C-26 - Ciudad Kennedy - Bogotá - Colombia

Machinery in América Latina
Product import, Export, Distribution and Commercialization, Machinery and Equipment related to the Activity of the Construction, Industry, Agro-industry and Mining...

Herramientas industriales en los Estados Unidos -
Afilacion talleres de. Ferreterias en general. Ferreterias industriales. Herramientas de corte. Herramientas electricas. Herramientas en general. Herramientas industriales. Maquinas herramienta. Sierras circulares de metal duro...

Integraciones y Servicios Industriales S.A. de C.V

Company specializing in integrations and services for industrial machine tools.
Blvd. José Sarmiento 338 Col. Virreyes Obrera - Saltillo - Coahuila - Mexico

Hakansson Chile Ltda

Branch of Hakansson AB of Sweden.
Importer - exporter of mountain ranges huinchas for metal, wood, meat, foams, plastic, etc. Products of Swedish origin CERT. iso 9002.
Blades and relillas for grinding More...
Av. Einstein 760 - Recoleta - Santiago - Chile

Maqhersa Matriseria

The area of matriseria of Maqhersa count on enabled profecionales and on ample experience in the field of matriceria generally and molds of blown injection and in pet we counted More...
Av. Peru 1381 frente a sedapal - San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru

Metal mechanics in América Latina
Design, manufacture and assembly of storage caves...

Maquinarias y Equipos Force E.I.R.L

punching shear plate bender plate Flangers
Av. Victor Castro Iglesias 1035 - San Juan de Miraflores - Lima - Perú. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Luis Yparraguirre

Alquitodo Construcción

Rental of construction equipment and tools,
Blenders / mixers
Vibrating cement / concrete
Hammer / drill shattering
Compactor / rammer jumping type
Compactor tipoplancha
Vibrorcompactador roll
Water motor pumps
Joint cutters (expansion joints)
transport to work.
Av. 3 Pasos al Frente 3440 (diagonal al surtidor 3 Pasos al frente, 3er anillo externo) - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia


From its foundation, Recomaq hi-tech has consolidated like the company leader for sale of machines tool to work metals in the Peruvian market.
From 1983, Recomaq hi-tech has come introducing machines More...
Av. Pardo y Aliaga 640 Oficina 1503 - San Isidro - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Sebastiano Trosso

Hardware stores in América Latina
Paintings, hardware, electrical, maq. electrical, plumbing. ...

Oil industry in América Latina
Distribution of petroleum products to pormayor ...

Carlo Pisoni Macchine

Commerce in machine new used tools and, import and export
Olivos - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Bobinados Avramo

Windings Avramo : We are a company dedicated to the repair tools and electric motors in general
Canstatt 3111 esquina luis Alberto de Herrera. - La Blanqueada - Montevideo - Uruguay