Machinery in Latin America

Industrial machinery solutions in for companies of footwear, leather goods, purses, bags and others. Sell 100% custom machinery (solutions for you) benefitting from 1959 to all.

Albeco Peru

Albeco Peru INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY SOLUTIONS in for COMPANIES of FOOTWEAR, LEATHER GOODS, PURSES, BAGS and Others. SELL 100% Custom Machinery (SOLUTIONS FOR YOU) Benefitting from 1959 to all our customers with the BEST MACHINE WORLD at Lowest Price.

We are Exclusive Representative in Peru and South of the Prestigious International Marks STUTTGART, HARFORT, GAMBARUTI and ALBECO.

We also have a Full Stock of spare More...
Jr. Carhuaz 425, Breña. Lima - Perú.
(Referencia: a la vuelta del supermercado Metro y del partido Aprista Peruano de la Av. Alfonso Ugarte en Lima ) - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Don Alfredo Benitez


SOLDAMUNDO is representative and importer of machines, equipment and accessories top-level welding machines, MILLER and DAF, cutting equipment Plasma and flame cutting, HYPERTHERM and VICTOR, CNC systems and automation in More...
Av. Luis Braille 1225 - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Miguel Polo

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
Supplier all in black steel high pressure pipe, plates, rails, profiles, accessories and more oil. oil for industrial construction and more....


Selco is dedicated to design, supply, project implementation monitoring, automation, control and power saving.
- Panamá - Panama

Leal Maquinaria

Purchase and sale of industrial machinery, shears, presses, bending machines, forklifts (bull) and so on. buy stocks of companies closing machinery, We appraise the maximum value, prices only and without More...
Calle Energia nº 11 c.p- 08186 Lliça Damunt (Barcelona) Poligono Industrial Pla(el) - Parets del Vallès - Barcelona (provincia) - Spain

Productos Macrilplas

We manufacture Thermoforming troqueladoras 20 years ago sealers guillotines and laminators we serve thermoforming molds and dies materials etc remain at your attentive to their concerns.
cll 31 b sur # 26 b 27 - Tunjuelito - Bogotá - Colombia

Heavy machinery in América Latina
We are a leading company in our region for sale and transport of aggregates. ...

Metal mechanics in América Latina
To the service of the industry in design, manufacture and repair of reducing-bbas machines industriales* of vac?o-sopladores* mestranza in winch, milling machines, flat and cylindrical...

Unimaq S.A.

Machinery of construction
Av. evitamiento 1936 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Wentzel, Juan R. maquinarias p/ind.farmaceutica, importac
Machain 4639 - Capital Federal C1430DZG - Buenos Aires - Argentina

calderas 3 b

Purchase, sale and raparacion of boilers all marks and capacities, manufacture of: 500 boilers from 1 to h.p., thermal oil chimneys, heaters, heat exchangers, metallic, suavizadores water tanks.
norte 1 k no.4909 col. panamericana c.p. 07770 mexico d.f. - Nezahualcóyotl - México - Mexico
Rpte: ing. ruben martinez

EuroMaquinarias S.R.L -
Machines, Tools, Consumptions...

Petrokairos SRL

Oil services company in Paraguay
Logistica oil in Paraguay
Nicolas Arguello 2785 - Sajonia - Asunción - Paraguay

Meypar S.L.

Own manufacture of machines of parking (barriers, retailers, tellers, etc.) and parquimetros.
C/. Electrónica, 18-19
Polig. Indust. La Ferreria, 08110 - Montcada i Reixac - Barcelona (provincia) - Spain