Magnets in Latin America

Neodymium magnets shop in peru. sales in peru neodymium high magnetism shops jholumagnet magnets. Sale of magnets used to magnotherapy, magnetism, experiments, blackboards industry..

Jholu Magnet - Tienda de Imanes Neodimio y Ferrita

Neodymium magnets shop in Peru.

Sales in Peru neodymium high magnetism shops Jholumagnet magnets. Sale of magnets used to magnotherapy, magnetism, experiments, blackboards industry.
C.C. Marina Plaza Av. La Marina 1602 Int 229-230 (a 100m de Plaza San Miguel), conocido como Paradero IPAE - Lima - Peru

Olmos Imanes de Neodimio

The company is engaged in import of magnets, to the elaboration of silver jewelry.
Direccion legal: Buenos Aires de Villa mz56 lt19, Chorrillos
Local de Ventas: Jr Tolomeo 191 la Campiña Chorrillos - Lima - Peru

Agribusiness in América Latina
Maintenance, design and stainless steel construction. ...

Paper industry in América Latina
Toilet paper factory ...

Jholu Magic

The diffusion of the art of the magic and ilusionismo is our main objective, we have a great variety of articles of magic for magicians become fond of and professional More...
Lima - San Miguel - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Mago Jholu


Company dedicated to designing equipment MAGNETIC according to their needs.

Our scope covers the problems that arise in industries as diverse as:

• Food

• Agro-food

• Ceramics, floors and toilets

• Steel

• Plastic

• Petrochemicals

Av. Aviación 1638 - La Victoria - Lima - Peru
7928 NW 66ST Miami FL 33166


Manufacturers of magnetic equipment.
Av. Aviación 1638 - Lima - Peru

Costume jewelry in América Latina
We are a family company dedicated to the preparation of unique handbags, designed in fabric and synthetic. ...

Time Lock Security

Maintenance safety glass doors
Repair doors safety glass
Manufacturing security doors
Maintaining security doors
Speedy Hinges
Access controls - electromagnets
Avda. Cra. 15 no. 103 - 70, oficina 321 a - Chapinero - Bogotá - Colombia