Metal plates in Latin America

Metallic plate import and distribution and commercialization.



* Cut Steel Plates A588 Gr A / B - A242

* Medium and High resistance plates A572 A709 Gr 50 Gr 50

* Plates A514 / 780S Hiten

* Sheets Cauldron A285

* Plates for medium and high temperature A515 Gr 60/70

* Low temperature plates A516 Gr 60/70

* Cal Stainless Steel 304/316/430

* Cal antipyretic Steel AISI 309S More...
SANTA ANITA - LIMA - Lima - Peru

Metallic constructions in América Latina
We are a company dedicates to the preparation of metallic structures, doors windows moving scholastic and of office....

Provinorte SAC

Provinorte SAC ASTM A612 irons / ASME SA612 - Provinorte SAC

suitable plates for boilers and pressure ( "Pressure & Boiler's Plate")
best known uses: Manufacture of lpg tanks, bulk carriers, underground, stationary, containers, cylinders, mechanical structures, pipes and ducts, generally subject to high pressure levels and high temperatures. These steels are mostly demand especially in the gas industry, petro-chemical and energy.

Standard / Quality: More...
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La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Steel in América Latina
Aceros inoxidables. Caños curvado talleres. Chapas cilindrado. Chapas de acero inoxidable fraccionadores corte con plasma. Chapas de acero cortes. Chapas corte por plasma. Chapas corte...

Ana Maria Jc. Eirl -
We are manufacturers of PVC fittings for water, sewer, electricity-service plates and welding PVC. ...

JR Aceros

LAF plate sale, lac galvanized pipes, cells, stainless steel roller doors profiles crossbows for general nipler threaded pipe
Jr. Tumbes 1113 Juliaca - Juliaca - Peru

Aceros Especiales del Peru SAC

Import & export of specialty steel plates high strength steels and elastica
Wear resistant steel sheet chronit 400, 500 brinell t-1, t-21
1 / 8 ", 3 / 16", 1 / 4 More...
Av. Cajamarquilla Mz K lote 1 Huachipa - Ate - Lima - Peru

BAVIG SAC - Cajamarca

We are a cajamarquina company that offers services of diverse nature. Among them we have the area of rents, the one of services and the one of sales. We look More...
Jr. Misti 329 - Cajamarca - Peru
Rpte: Félix Bazán Rojas y Arturo Bazán Vigo

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
Industrial supplies and materials as thermowells, thermocouples, ceramic insulators, connectors, logic controllers, solenoid valves, wires, wires for thermocouples, cables, cables for thermocouples, alumel, chromel, MARKAL...

S y R Internacional SRL

armicas sheets or corrugated steel culverts. Armco Representatives for Bolivia, gutters in stock from 0, 60 mts to 3 mts 00 different thicknesses. We comply with Bolivian Standard and we More...
Av. Beijing 1323 Cochabamba Bolivia - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Accesorios y Equipos Marinos S.A.

They are available in 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 tubes. Virgin bronze facts in a special alloy for the salt water work. We use cupro-nickel tubes quality 90/10 of More...
Pj. La Calera 160
(entre 19 y 20 Nicolas Ayllón) - Ate - Lima - Peru