Mining equipment and supplies in Latin America

We are a lojana company dedicated to the import of chemical consumptions for the mining, with market at national level.

Minasur Cia. Ltda.

We are a Lojana company dedicated to the import of chemical consumptions for the mining, with market at national level.
Ciudadela Los Geranios, Calles, Orquideas y Margaritas, Esquina. - Loja - Ecuador
Rpte: Roberto Jaramillo


A trading company, established on a? Or 2001, to meet the needs of measuring instruments and control of mining and industrial region of Antofagasta.

We currently have headquarters in the More...
Armando Moock 47 - Antofagasta - Chile

Maquinaria pesada en los Estados Unidos -
Empresa con mas de 15 años de experiencia en el campo de reparación, reconstrucción y mantenimiento de motores diésel, maquinaria pesada (excavadoras, retro excavadoras, cargadores,...

Microscopios Nikon - Peru

Sale and service of microscopes Nikon - Japan.
Digital cameras of microscopy and software of analysis of images.
Calle Cadiz Mz. M4 Lote 44 Urb. Puerta de Pro - Los Olivos - Lima - Peru

Aceros e Importaciones HJM S.A.C.

We are a company dedicated to the import and export heading light and heavy steel rails for mining and industrial use, we counted on the representation to two foreign companies.
Calle las Magnolias 128 Carabayllo (Oficina), Av. trapiche Lote 6G (Almacen) - Lima - Peru

IMG Arotoma SAC

Provision and installation and repair of geosinteticos and termofusion hdpe pvc.
Calle Acuario Mz. V Lt 28a - Ate - Lima - Peru

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
Trailers, clips, trailers, charging solutions. ...

Mining products S.A.C.

We are dedicated to the sale of mining inputs such as sodium cyanide, caustic soda, among others.
Calle Joaquin Bernal nro. 372. - San Juan de Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Corporación Ingeniería Industrial&Construcción

Conductor aluminum transmission lines, copper wire, NYY, N2XSY, steel poles, yellow pine poles, cable type aaa c, aaac-s electric sub-stations (projects and facilities), construction electrification, control panels and distribution. import More...
- Lima - Peru
Rpte: C.Enrique Millones Renteria -Gerente General

Servicios Multilples Quin EIRL

Company mining contractor, with ample experience in the nonmetallic mineral extraction, to the best development and fulfillment of our activities, we have equipment, own and/or rented machineries according to the More...
Av. Jose Santos Chocano Nº 775 - Carmen de la Legua Reynoso - Callao - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Angel Quin Salazar

Compressors in América Latina
Abrasives. Tubular scaffolds. Bolts. Chains. Footwear for the industry and of security. Air compressors. Aluminum stairs. Hardware generally. Industrial hardware. Electricity-generating groups. Industrial gloves. Ironworks...

Cooperandes Minerals -
Make links to mining investment and foreign entrepreneurs; guarantee placement of mineral deposits of gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, iron, etc, also coal, barite, bentonite, talc,...

Juvisa SAC

Company specialized in mills for mining, chancadoras, ball mill, mill of jaw, mantemineto of complete plants of mineral treatments, manufacture, manteminiento of mining machinery, assemblies and disassemblings of industrial plants, More...
Av. Cesar Vallejo Nº 870 - 872 Urb.Palermo - Trujillo - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Luis Alberto Zari Campos

Soluciones energeticas

Spare parts and services for portable air compressors, mining and construction equipment.
Calle Paez nro. 52 La candelaria maracay - Mario Briceño Iragorry - Aragua - Venezuela

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