Non-destructive testing in Latin America

- radiation safety course for occupationally exposed (poe) - advanced course in radiation safety (radiological safety officer level). materials and equipment for nondestructive testing: -.

Nuclear Ingenieria, S.A. de C.V.

- Radiation Safety Course for occupationally exposed (POE)
- Advanced course in radiation safety (radiological safety officer level).
Materials and equipment for nondestructive testing:
- X-ray film, chemicals for developing manual or automatic.
- More...
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Control S.R.L.

Testings of material. Non-destructive testings. Heat exchangers. Heat exchangers design. Heat exchangers cleaning of. Industrial x-ray. Containers under pressure. Special welds. Welds school. Tanks repairs. Thermal treatments. Ultrasound.
Mario Bravo 528 - Barrio Trapiche - Godoy Cruz 5501 - Mendoza - Argentina

Engineering consulting in América Latina
Professional dedicated to providing solutions in engineering and environmental (EIA, management systems ISO 14000), collection, transportation and marketing of solid waste. ...

Measurement and control: instruments in América Latina
Service of calibration and certification of equipment and measuring instruments....

Morales-end (Servicios Petroleros)

Tube X-ray services and tanks.
Calle 11 Este Nº61 Villa 1º de Mayo - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Vorhaben Oil Ltd

We respond to the different needs of our customers in the field of nondestructive testing.
Services include ultrasound equipment, scan scan A and B.
END have a variety of services with latest More...
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Level III Ndt Consultant

Level III Consultant in non-destructive testing of materials and welds in the methods of penetrat liquids, magnetic particles, ultrasound and industrial radiography on the basis of norm Iram - Iso More...
- Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rpte: Alfredo Bigolotti

Technological education in América Latina
Learn digital arts at our school, we have several courses like 2D animation, 3D animation, modeling, digital illustration and others are with the latest technology...

Oshma S.R.L.

Detectors of fissures. Industrial diamonds. Durometers. Equipment testings of material. Non-destructive testings. Industrial identification. Electronic engineering projects and developments. Engineering electromechanical projects and assemblies. Control and measuring instruments. Control and More...
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Controles Tecnologicos S.A.C.

Inspection by non-destructive testings
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Demeq S.R.L.

Demeq is an Argentine based company that develops software and manufactures measurement and quality control instruments including: Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauges, Rebound Hardness Testers, Ultrasonic Velocity Gauges, and in 2013 More...
Washington 3894 - Saavedra - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Rpte: Fabricantes

Metallurgical industry in América Latina
We are special plate steel importers; anticorrosive type cuts, anti-abrasive up to 700 Brinell, naval, antithermal resistant to loss and high temperatures, structural of average...

Oil industry in América Latina
Provisions of industrial products, tubes, valve, connections of all type and material, iron generally, hardware....

Ensayos Medición y Control

Technical service specialized customized *atention technical *experiencia:: failure analysis, diagnosis, maintenance, repair, calibrations by keyboard. *soporte *asesor *inform?tica consultant and *pesos systems *laboratorio electronic digitalis landlords certificates. Techniques and procedures, More...
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Construction, conversion and repair of floating units. Services of industrial and naval inspection. Non-destructive inspection (it tints penetrating, magnetic particles and box of emptiness) ultrasound (taking of thicknesses). Leakage test More...
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