Packaging in Latin America

I am pleased to write to you in order to offer our products, i'm sure will be of interest to your company. bropack, it.


Bropack I am pleased to write to you in order to offer our products, I'm sure will be of interest to your company.

Bropack, it is a company dedicated to the marketing and distribution of packaging materials, packaging and labeling so we are committed to providing high quality products at very competitive prices for the benefit of your company.
Some of our prices More...
4 calle 35-94 zona 11, Utatlán 2 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Mudanzas y Transporte

We all kind of packaging, caletajes, removals and transport all types of cargo throughout the national and local territory, closed type trucks vans, tractor trailers platforms or with different capacities pan, depending on the volume of cargo. you realize the budget according to your needs. always in order to serve you 24 hours a day,
Zona norte de la ciudad - Maracaibo - Zulia - Venezuela

Cajas de cartón en los Estados Unidos -
Reciban nuestros cordiales saludos, nosotros somos una empresa, que nos dedicamos a la fabricación de estuches, cajas, bolsas de pana, tocuyo, yute, etc.; cajas para...

Bolsapack S.R.L. -
Bags of polipropieno, production...

Cartón y Estiba S.A.S

Cartón y Estiba S.A.S Our company is characterized by using high quality recycled plastic (polyethylene and polypropylene), where we seek to replace wood and help the environment.

Our products have a duration of approximately 150 years, do not wear out, the sun and water do not cause any damage.

Cardboard and stowage as its name says what we specialize in everything related to the cardboard and More...
Avda. Quebradaseca 14-44 Bucaramanga - Colombia - Santander - Colombia

Representaciones Salas S.A.

We are a on sale dedicated company of material of packing esquineros of cardboard, plastic esquineros, pellets of pig, pellets of wheat, ma?z and Pope. We represent companies that wish More...
Calle 0 y 2, Avenida 13 Heredia - Heredia - Costa Rica

Begnes Luis Osvaldo

Packing. Packing articles. Iron straps of plastic. Jackets.
Amianot 8342 - Pablo Podesta - Tres de Febrero 1657 - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Plastic items in América Latina
Service of cnc, design and manufacture of molds and matrices of injection, blown and termoformado. Manufacture of all type of piece for the industry generally....

Paper industry in América Latina
Manufacture all class of cardboard tubes for the industry...

Envases Industriales S.A.

Plastic product factory and cardboard.
In plastic: laminae, laminates, pasacalles, table cloths, bags, blankets, labels, sleeves, covers all with or without impression, besides coextruidos and tricoextruidos products.

in cardboard: cones, esquineros, tubes More...
Jr. Pichincha 233 - Callao - Lima - Peru

Fitas Adesivas Ltda

Manufactures adhesive tapes located in the region of São Paulo, with different designs and sizes to Brazil.
Brigadeiro Machad 227 - São Paulo - Brazil

Embalajes Express Polines Certificados NIMF-15

We manufacture packaging and skids (pallets) of madeera, registered certificates for export and endorsed by the IPSA, Nicaragua.
Certification of poles is that Polines comply with ISPM-15 being these treaties RIOPPAH., More...
Puente El Eden 1.5 cuadra al este. - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Emerson Urroz Cubillo

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

in América Latina
Non-toxic film of PVC for packing and food protection...

Sacolas Personalizadas Ltda

We are the Equipgraf bags of experience in manufacturing paper bags, green bags, ecobags, Krafts bags, wedding, tote bags for grocery stores, plastic bags, custom and others. Our bags for More...
Rua Ernani Pereira Lopes, 726 - Campinas - São Paulo - Brazil

Fel del Peru S.A.C.

We are a company that offers the service of air exports like marine, also we have the heading of packing of wood furniture, crafts and household of house. We count More...
Calle Coronel Cano 191 - Chorrillos - Lima - Peru