Pharmaceutical industry in Latin America

Integral commercialization of raw materials for the veterinary and pharmaceutical industry.

Opcion Pharmaceutica S.A.S

Integral commercialization of raw materials for the veterinary and pharmaceutical industry.
Cll 83 No 95-34 BC-3 L-112 - Engativá - Bogotá - Colombia

Fabrimedic - Lab

We are a company with highly trained, dedicated to the production and marketing of online products and pharmaceutical dosage. We have highly qualified professionals and extensive experience in the market.
Jr. Jipi Japa 355 - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Blgo. Luis David Moron Polo

Food industry in América Latina
Company dedicated by more than 35 years to the representation and distribution of foods and drinks, local industries and the outside, realising all the tasks...

Farmacia Clorinda

Discounts on oncology treatments and products particular to prevent 13, MabThera, Herceptin, 500 prostaglandin, champix.
Av. San Martin 644. Clorinda - Pilcomayo - Formosa - Argentina

Mendeltir S.A

We offer pure sugar globules, tablets, or placebo tablets made.
Rafael Eguren 3384 - Villa Española - Montevideo - Uruguay

Zeltenpack SAC

Packaged powders and slurry in sachets, shrink, development of pilot batches, cut apart and barcode.
Av. Separadora Industrial 3764 P1 - Ate - Lima - Peru

Medical products in América Latina
Sell ??mesh cranioplasty in different sizes, 100 % titanium. Titanium plates for fixation, reconstruction of cranial bone osteotomies . Materials of European and Asian...

Integrales Leon C.A.

Equipment Rental encoding for the printing of any substrate in small and large character posters in boxes (elab. vcto, batch) and any alpha numeric information.
Urb. Los Libertadores calle 4 n° f-13 palo negro. estado aragua - Aragua - Venezuela

Rotating machines or intermittent (indexed) of assembly by threaded caps or pressure.
Cutting machine and / or insertion sealing liner of plugs by intermittent or rotating lines.
Closers outside mold of hinged More...
- Victoria - Aguadilla - Puerto Rico

Corporacion Quimica Obal S.A.C.

It is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of personal care products, toilet with its own brand and distribution of other products, formed by partners with a fighting More...
Jr. Junin 774 - Magdalena - Lima - Peru

Cosmetics in América Latina
Improve the lives of women and their families, sharing a unique business opportunity, personal development, high quality products and our passion to serve our customers. ...


We offer a range of chemical raw materials such as acids, ascorbic, citric, oxalic, sorbic, waxes, food preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium erythorbate, starch from corn, potato, cassava, mildew, vitamins, flavorings, More...
Pasaje A, Lote 27 y De Los Ciruelos, Poceano Alto - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Mauricio Alvarado

Organiko Ltda

We are a laboratory with a history with third party outsourcing service, production of master formulas and fixed capacity and excellent existing Invima organic products in their process and formulation, More...
Cra 17 No 14-54 sur - Antonio Nariño - Bogotá - Colombia